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Pick A Product
44, Sikh, Punjabi
London and Midlands
Postgraduate, Management
Looking For: A serious relationship

Note: The fun and humour in my pics is lost as I have to cut out my niece :( ... I never feel my photos represent me well lol ...
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Sincerely, I'd appreciate if you could evaluate profiles on their merit. I understand there are some untoward and odd guys out there that may make it difficult on such sites like this for you, however there are a few good ones deserving of some regard. And even in writing a profile description, it may only represent only up to 5% of a person's character, so the benefit of your doubt would be appreciated.
In a nutshell, I blend a Young Heart with an Old Soul, and am a Die Hard Romantic once comfor. I love to enjoy conversations that are both profound and full of laughter, hence they have heart xXx.
Overall I'm a person who truly pursues the art of being the most capable and caring individual one can be, and refuse to be judged wrongly by others or have incorrect or misinformed assumptions made.
I actively choose to be someone who has as much to offer someone special the most beautiful and plentiful loving relationship possible.
By the way ... I have a VERY STRONG SENSE OF HUMOUR and generally fun nature, I pursue being a dynamic person so know very well how to adapt to situations and am a deep person in the eyes of others, but it's all intuitive and second nature to me.
Recently, I've been investing time and money into initiatives to help improve the world, especially for the health and well-being of the less fortunate.

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I'm born in England and grew up in California; So an Americanised-Brit who's Indian by default! I also have a custom built studio in my house for creative exploits ...

About Pick A Product

6' 1"
Dress for the occasion
Marital status 
Single Never Married
Have children? 
Want children? 
Definitely want some/more
Income level 
More than I can spend alone
Seniority level 

Personality & Interests

Ambitious, Analytical, Caring, Confident, Decisive, Energetic, Generous, Imaginative, Independent, Sociable, Supportive
I'm a qualified Senior Global Programme Manager and am pursuing a new venture too. To clarify, a Programme Manager does not do computer programming ... to avoid any confusion. I have to manage multiple multi-million pound programmes and projects as well as staff and suppliers mainly in the US.
General Interests 
Art Galleries , Cooking, Gym, Photography, Playing an instrument, Shopping, The Outdoors, Travel, Writing
Dancing, Dining Out, Movies, Television, Theatre

Pick A Product is looking for

Genuinely, I have pursued a lifestyle and framework to enable me to make a positive contribution to being part of a beautiful and rare loving bond.

I genuinely want to make you laugh and be at ease, secure and comforted by a special bond everyday.

It's important for me to find another soul with whom I can be deeply connected and intertwined with for the rest of my life and be strong and forceful together in forging our own destiny, achieving goals and building the foundations for our future generations :)

24 - 40
Atheist/agnostic, Sikh, Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, Other

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