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52, Sikh, Punjabi
Gerrards Cross
University, Own business
Looking For: Let's see what happens
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Considering a part of my profession is to assist people write their profiles, this should be a breeze, but it’s so frigging difficult!! The irony hey?!!? Feel free to score it out of 10!
I think I’m drama-free (my daughter would probably beg to differ!), I know when to be witty & humorous and equally capable of holding a meaningful conversation.
Travelling has been a part of my DNA and I’d love to do it again & hopefully, with you perhaps! Suitcase for Bora Bora packed!
Eating well is a favourite past time & I’ll not turn my back on any delicacy! I play golf - albeit badly and regularly watch my beloved Liverpool play across the UK & Europe - but not during the last 9 months!
I’ve small group of close friends and I’m a firm believer that the fewer you have, the fewer disappointments you’ll have in life! Simple & true!
I believe in the laws of attraction... positive thoughts lead to positive results! I hope to meet someone similar!
There, done!

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About HappyGoLucky3

5' 9"
No frills
Facial hair 
Clean shaven
Marital status 
Religious practice 
Not practising
Seniority level 
Own business

Personality & Interests

Caring, Easy Going, Optimistic, Supportive
Technology head-hunter for 25+ years...
General Interests 
Cars, Gym, Pets, Travel
Concerts, Dining Out, Movies, Watching Sports
Musical Tastes 
Easy Listening, Pop, R and B, Soul
Other Interests 
I have my own hair, teeth, sense of humour and I don't pluck my eyebrows! Looking for someone who likes making fun of bad songs, acting & movies. Not gonna lie, but I love to work my lungs by laughing (sometimes at myself!) #ifyoucantlaughinlifeyoumayaswellgiveup! On a serious note, I’m gent who’s affectionate, caring, considerate & loving. Drama-free, knows when to be witty & humorous and equally able to hold a meaningful conversation. I’m well-travelled and would love to do it again & some more with a special partner-in-crime by my side! Eating well is a favourite past time & I’ll not turn my back on any delicacy! I play golf - albeit badly and regularly watch my beloved Liverpool play across the UK & Europe! Enjoy nights out & happy to chill in also. In short, I’m humble, loving & dedicated to everything thing that matters to me... hope to meet someone similar!

HappyGoLucky3 is looking for

I'm keen to meet a like minded woman who like me is fed up with lonely times... and who's always saying 'geez, there's got to be someone out there right?!'

Not sure one can describe their perfect match! I guess you just know when you click and there's mutual complimentary chemistry!! But I'm seeking someone who loves to travel, who's homely, great fun to be with, someone who I can call my best friend, my soulmate, my everything... kinda sounds cheesy & familiar huh??!!

Important traits... excellent personality with copious amounts of laughter... you don't have to be the life & soul of the party... I just want someone who's normal and no drama!! She'll have a positive outlook on life, who's happy to chill in or go out and enjoy life...

45 - 50
Atheist/agnostic, Buddhist, Sikh, Hindu, Christian, Jain, Other
Regional Origin 
Anglo Indian, Punjabi, Punjabi Jatt

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