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57, Other, Gujarati
Postgraduate, Management
Looking For: A serious relationship

Two truths and a lie: Had my own cable TV show. Wrestled with a crocodile. Elvis impersonator.
Smashed it at my first Olympic triathlon came 17th. Only problem was that there were only 19 participants.
Love to cook and experiment. Developed a new cooking technique (for which I have a UK & US patent), unique marinade and a way of prepping to create FirebrandFresh chicken - but that's another story...
Kind, empathetic, considerate, romantic, intelligent, caring, passionate, spiritual, honest, reliable, Epicurean, neuro atypical thinker and unconventional.
A spiritual explorer who has sat at the feet of many gurus, was a 3rd degree Reiki Master, chakra healing, yoga, meditation, hypnotherapy, palmistry, astrology, astral travelling, aura reading, crystal therapy. Have got lost and confused several times on that journey. I've written a book about it "Second Chance" - apologies for the unashamed book plug!
Busy at the moment training for a half marathon. Thinking that I was a bit of a fool to do this, as some of the training runs are over 2.5 hours - that brings me to the next point...
A massive over achiever who often bites of more than they can chew, frequently suffer from indigestion.
Love to read, and speed read 2-3 books on avg a week. Wouldn't go anywhere without my Kindle and be close to an espresso machine.
Held my first corporate CEO role at 34, had other CEO/CMO positions since and Chairmanships of charities.
Have achieved more than I ever hoped for career wise, professionally and financially.
Metabolic age is an athletic 38-42 year old. Looking to ramp up not slow down and a soulmate that can keep up.

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About DhirenM

5' 7"
Facial hair 
Clean shaven
Marital status 
Have children? 
Want children? 
Definitely want some/more
Income level 
More than I can spend alone
Seniority level 
Own business

Personality & Interests

Adventurous, Ambitious, Analytical, Caring, Confident, Decisive, Determined, Energetic, Flirty, Generous, Imaginative, Independent, Optimistic, Organised, Patient, Sociable, Spontaneous, Supportive
CEO of a HRTech startup
General Interests 
Art Galleries , Cooking, Gym, Helping Others, Museums, Playing an instrument, Reading, The Outdoors, Travel, Wine Tasting, Writing
Concerts, Dancing, Dining Out, Movies, Nightclubs, Opera, Pubs, Television, Theatre
Musical Tastes 
Bhangra, Classical, Country, Disco, Easy Listening, Folk, Gospel, Indian Music, Pop, Rock, World Music
Other Interests 
Skiing, running, triathlon, yoga and meditation

DhirenM is looking for

An extraordinary soulmate. With whom I have a strong spiritual, emotional, intellectual and physical (in that order) connection.

Not looking for a cook nor a housemaid (I am perfectly capable of doing that myself).

Whether my soulmate chooses to work / not work is up to them. Whatever pleases them to fulfill their purpose would please me. I am financially secure irrespective of their choice.

Desire a soulmate with whom I can be a loving and devoted husband and hands on Father to child(ren) of our own. Plan to be an at home Dad, home schooling to give a broad Eastern & Western educational foundation in philosophy, spirituality, culture, science, language, music and arts for the first 11 years of child's life.

Life with me will be extraordinary, if ordinary bores you.

35 - 48
Buddhist, Sikh, Hindu, Christian, Jain, Other
Adventurous, Caring, Easy Going, Energetic, Enthusiastic, Generous, Imaginative, Optimistic, Sociable, Spontaneous, Supportive
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