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45, Christian
University, Management
Looking For: A serious relationship

As you pass this page and are disheartened with solitary confinement just make the most of being friends before we’re allowed out to play and date again, look on the bright side of life, it’ll be a learning curve, keep happy.

Serendipity awaits for a promising start filled with laughter and smiles, intellectual conversations and witty banter. Development from seeing a sparkle in your eye may lead to high levels of affection, compassion, and understanding and care if you are the type of person to possess an open heart and mind. The happy times are easy to maintain but will you catch me if I fall and be my rock because you have the ability to find a first fix through hug or a kiss, find passion that will drive a connection through your soul? Life is too short let’s make the most of what we have.

I seek someone who is intellectual, humorous, conversational, ambitious, and highly affectionate and whom possesses a great deal of emotional intelligence.

I'm intelligent paradoxically, dizzy, articulate, always seeking more in life, process driven, philosophical, artistic, scientific, adventurous, explorative, kind, caring, compassionate, affectionate, loyal, committed and cute, serious and loving. The connection between two people in mind body and soul is a rarity but I don't believe there is a Mr right only the one that you may fall in love with which cannot happen by process of selection. Searching for a depth of character can unravel a multitude of complex sides, which needs to be understood. Do you possess the patience and does your heart desire this deep connection is something you will need to ask yourself, for most a vested interests are self-centred. In turning this around, learning about each other over time can be quite an exciting experience.

My dislikes: Rudeness, arrogance, selfishness, tight, cheats and liars a man that promises the world and never delivers is someone that cannot be trusted. I'm a firm believer that actions speak louder than words and proving you're honesty and integrity is different from saying you are, sincerity is often a forgotten but valuable quality. I will not work with someone that is argumentative and need a positive minded partner whom is solution orientated. It would be tempting to write a beautiful profile to inform you of how amazing I am in order to attract you and excite you which I am perfectly capable of. That would simply be the glossy cover and I am interested in what is written underneath. You can tell me how wonderful and caring you are and how chilled out, active and how you have been looking for love amongst this world wide net to catch the right fish, lets hope the right one doesn't get away.

The fact is that we are all here for the same reason. Upon reflection of ones life we understand our constraints, desires and the negative aspects of our personalities. The quest is can we accept each other for which we are we intolerant because of our lives experiences or hidden baggage that we do not disclose? Can you lay it all on the table to see if we will work as I want to find my peace with you. Can we work with each other’s negativity and bring out the best in each other in order to share a happy life together? This is key to a successful relationship. I don't profess to know it all but I'd like to hear what elements you believe are important?

The naive notion that people are simple? People are complex and learning about each other takes time and understanding and accepting differences and accommodating each other’s needs is the key to any relationship. I try to be as objective and impartial as I can to gain an overall perspective therefore open-mindedness is important in an independent woman in today's cosmopolitan society.

From fine dining to street food I want to explore everything life has to offer including running my own business. I have worked hard to enjoy the finer things in life but appreciate the little things like the care and love of good people, flowers, smiles, small gestures, thoughtfulness, laughter and creating happy memories. I love life's little luxuries and seek generosity form the heart as I am a very giving person and will work perfectly with someone who is equally generous that wishes to share this lifestyle with me. I want to know what is inside a person from the way we are together. I would like to be welcomed as part of a warm loving family that is open and accepting of good people and open to all religions, my spirituality reflects this.

You should be loving, kind, charitable, empathetic and be able to make decisions with your partner together and see the importance of self-development of the mind and body and in your hobbies. I am attracted to artistic and scientific minds and if you love talking technical we would really enjoy conversations with a mix of philosophy. You should be polite, respectful and a perfect gentleman as I appreciate chivalry which lacks in society today and also have a desire to nurture a strong relationship. To this person I will give my all, passion, friendship, fun and kindness and love.

I’m an independent career driven woman who works hard as an Engineer and Project Manager. If you can handle a woman that may know about construction, cars and IT then here I am. Dance is the love of my life, I have performed professionally and would like a partner that is supportive of my hobbies and may sometimes want to share doing some things with me as I would with you. I am strong but fragile, chilled out but sensitive, I’m happy alone but crave giving continuous amounts of love. This is not intended to make any sense as people don't but if you understand the yin and yang and can see the gel and bond and believe in the law of attraction the maybe we can find this equilibrium.

I still believe in traditional gentlemanly romance hence not found such a person yet a declining quality in modern society. We should do nice things for each other to make each other happy and that is what keeps a relationship alive to understand one another and communicate on all levels and find the fun in the little things. You should be well spoken, well read and well travelled and enjoy your career and seek to excel yourself and I will be your supportive partner in crime. If you are a person that is open to trying different things and see yourself sustaining a similar lifestyle then please do get in touch. It is important that you only respond not because you like my picture but one that delves deep into the persona because you can characterise yourself with me as not just being attracted to my personality but you believe we are actually compatible.

Call me not to talk and not just talk about yourself and what you want constantly a selfish trait but are actually interested in getting to know me and I definitely want to know more about you. I’m not into superficial texting with someone that I don’t know so I need to establish whether we can have an actual conversation first.

I’m an active socialite and enjoys going out to bars and clubs, cute, fun and exciting and so not traditional but western seeking a life partner for marriage who enjoys this too if its not for you then I understand. I always puts others first and would expect the same from you. A homely girl Monday to Friday and on a quest for fresh air at the weekends. I love entertaining dinner parties and enjoy exploring new places. If you can see yourself having cosy nights in on the sofa with a movie, candlelit home cooked meals, pic nics in the park, country walks, see the beauty of a coastline, enjoy sports together, relaxing in each other’s company, visiting manor houses, holidays, the occasional drink at a cocktail bar, dancing cheek to cheek in each other’s arms, come alive to an eclectic taste in music and look forward to romantic weekends away then I’m sure we’ll get on like a house on fire. I truly seek someone who is deeply altruistic as I am a very selfless person and need a hopeless romantic. Geeks, comedians and soft gentle souls are welcome.

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About Cutebubs1

5' 3"
Dress for the occasion
Marital status 
Single Never Married
Have children? 
Religious practice 

Personality & Interests

Adventurous, Caring, Confident, Energetic, Enthusiastic, Fussy, Generous, Imaginative, Independent, Liberal, Organised, Serious, Sociable, Spontaneous, Supportive
Consultancy in programme management.
General Interests 
Art Galleries , Cars, Cooking, Gardening, Gym, Helping Others, Making Money, Museums, Pets, Photography, Playing an instrument, Playing Sports, Reading, Sailing, Shopping, The Outdoors, Travel, Wine Tasting, Writing
Concerts, Dancing, Dining Out, Movies, Nightclubs, Opera, Pubs, Television, Theatre
Musical Tastes 
Blues, Classical, Disco, Funk, House, Pop, R and B, Soul, World Music
Other Interests 
Country walks, Art galleries, Running, Sports, Historic Manor houses, science and technology and travelling.

Cutebubs1 is looking for

I’m a fun loving individual, well grounded, very organised, active like a project manager. I’m a realist, quite practical, very affectionate and knowledgeable.

Visiting manor houses, art galleries, country walks, travelling and a love for dance are my main pass times. I'm both independent and sociable and enjoy both relaxing and being out and about. Any spare moment I jump into the car and wonder off somewhere in England to explore. Lifes too short, make the most out of your weekends.

Looking for a happy, loving, affectionate, generous person that can hold intellectually stimulating conversations and wants to live life to the full and travel the world and enjoy life with me.

Looking for for a hopeless romantic, soft and sweet hearted that can be strong too and knows how to treat a lady. You must possess emotional intelligence. Someone independent without attachment issues to mum, can manage their own household, cook, clean so it’s a 50:50 relationship is well travelled, intelligent, enjoys activities, can take me dancing even if you can’t dance yourself ;-) is loving and you need to make me laugh lots and lots!

I wish you all in finding happiness.

39 - 46
University, Postgraduate
Adventurous, Ambitious, Caring, Decisive, Easy Going, Energetic, Enthusiastic, Generous, Imaginative, Independent, Liberal, Optimistic, Organised, Patient, Sociable, Supportive
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