Dated: 19/01/2017
Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions apply to Your use of the Service. By using the Website, the App and/or the Service or registering with us or attending an event organised by us, You acknowledge that You are bound by these terms and conditions and warrant to us that You have the authority and capacity to enter into them and that You will at all times comply with them.

Also see our Privacy Policy.

1. Definitions

1.1 In these terms and conditions the following words have the following meanings unless the context requires otherwise:

"Agreement" means the agreement between You and Us incorporating these terms and conditions for the provision of the Service;
"App" means the Asian Single Solution app as downloaded by you from any App Store Provider;
"App Store Provider" means the person approved by Us who makes the App available to You through an online app store and who you pay for access to in-app purchases or upgrades;
"Information" includes without limit all content, software, data, text, photographs, graphics, sound and video;
"Liability" means the liability of any nature for any and all damages, claims, proceedings, actions, awards, expenses, costs and any other losses and/or liabilities;
"Member" means any person who has a minimum of a basic registration for the Service;
"Post" means display, exhibit, publish, distribute, transmit and/or disclose Information on or in connection with the Service, and the phrases "Posted" and "Posting" shall be constructed accordingly;
"Profile" means the section of the Service containing details, photographs and/or other Information about You;
"Regulations" means the Consumer Contracts (Information, Cancellation and Additional Charges) Regulations 2013;
"Service" means the service provided by Us to You including, but not limited to, Us allowing You to browse the Website and/or the App, contact and/or be contacted by other Members through the Website and the App and/or Post Information on the Website;
"User" means any person who browses the Website or uses the App;
"We, Us, Our" means Go Dating Limited trading as The Asian Single Solution, The Muslim Single Solution or The Single Solution. Single Solution is a registered trademark.
"Website" means Our website at URL or (or such other URL that We may use to provide the Service from time to time);
"You, Your, Yourself" who is the person using the Website or other services provided by us.

2. Key Conditions,  All Services

2.1 We will not divulge Your personal details i.e. real name, email, address or phone number, to anyone without Your express permission unless required to do so by law.
2.2 We may use Your contact details to inform You of future events, member profiles, or offers which we think may be appropriate for You about Us or our partners. All mailing and messaging preferences are selected as positive by default. If You wish to change these, this can be done by selecting relevant options in the Contact Preferences page of the Website. We will honour messaging preferences where possible but to fully unsubscribe to communications from us, You must delete Your profile.
2.3 You may use the messaging system to make genuine contact with other Members. You may not use the Website and/or the App in connection with any commercial venture and messages relating to other products and services are not allowed.
2.4 Anyone who abuses or is abusive on the messaging system will, at our discretion, have their user details suspended or deleted without refund and not be allowed to attend any event. To view our acceptable messaging policy see here.
2.5 You warrant and represent to us that all information posted on Your profile is true and will be kept up to date. Anyone who has entered incorrect information e.g. age, will be asked to correct this information. In the event of non-compliance You may be denied entry to an event or removed from the App and the Website without compensation or refund.
2.6 To use the Service at least one main approved photo is required. If You choose to post a photo You acknowledge that it will be shown on the App and/or Website, and that we may market Your Profile and photo to users of the App and the Website by email. You can mark each photo other than the main photo, as "favourites only", in which case it will only show to other users if You have added them using the Like function shown on the profiles as Yes/Maybe or sent a message. You may select to hide Your Profile by selecting the "Hidden" option. This will omit your profile from new searches and new matches.
2.7 We accept no Liability to any loss suffered by use of our services, other than as a direct result of our negligence. In all cases compensation is limited to the amounts paid for event tickets, credits or membership.
2.8 We cannot guarantee the suitability of the Service for You, or that You will meet the love of Your life through the Service, and We take no responsibility for any emotional or physical distress that may come to You at any point and in the future (including in old age) from someone You meet through the Service.
2.9 This Website and its contents are the property of Go Dating Ltd trading as The Single Solution. Information and content contained herein should not be copied or distributed in whole or in part in any written format without Our written permission. All content is protected under copyright.
2.10 We offer no Warranty that the App or the Website will be error free, or that connectivity will be always available.
2.11 You specifically give us permission to view, check or moderate anything You post to the App and/or the Website including messages and Profile content.
2.12 We may make use of location data sent from the device you use to access the App. You may turn this off using the settings on your device. You agree to Our and Our affiliates 'and/or licensees' processing of such location data to provide and improve the Service.
2.13 We may collect and make use of technical information about your device and related hardware and software to improve and provide the Service. For more details please read our privacy policy which can be found here.

3. Events Key Conditions

3.1 All ticket sales and entry to events is subject to Our or the management of the venue's discretion. Anyone dressed inappropriately, drunk, behaving inappropriately or deemed not to be a professional may be excluded from the events and/or removed from the Website. Compensation is limited to the price paid for future events.
3.2 No refunds are provided if You cannot attend an event, or for any other reason unless we are clearly at fault (see below). Transfers to other events, are entirely at Our discretion and subject to 24 hours notice having been given from the start time of the event.
3.3 If We cancel an event We will provide a refund or credit for another event.
3.4 We reserve the right to change an event date to another date within a reasonable number of days from the original date. Refunds may be given should You not wish to attend on this alternative date, except where the change is due to external factors such as (and without limitation to) industrial action, bad weather, power cuts or any other factor outside our control etc. Once notified of a significant change by email, You will be given 48 hours to decide if You would like a refund. After this time, all refunds will be discretionary.
3.5 We reserve the right to move the event to another location of similar standard. Refunds may be given should You not wish to attend this alternative venue, but only where it is not of an equivalent standard or not within a reasonable distance of the original venue. Once notified of a significant change by email, You will be given 48 hours to decide if You would like a refund. After this time, all refunds will be discretionary.
3.6 To protect other attendees, we reserve the right to ask for identification and proof of age before granting entry to an event.
3.7 For an event run by a franchisee or third party, any potential claims are to be settled directly between You and the other party. We are in no way liable for loss caused by franchisees or any other third party (save for loss caused by our negligence).
3.8 Premium and Premium Plus members are entitled to a discount as shown on each individual event details page. Discounts for the member, and their friends are only provided if the user is logged into their profile and uses the Add a friend feature. Discounts are available to Premium members when joining a wait list using the Website. Discounts are not available if the member is adding a friend to any waiting list.

4.  Online Dating and Messaging Key Conditions

4.1 Access to the Service is funded by credit purchase (not when using the App) or by upgrading to Premium or Premium Plus membership. Certain features such as the viewing and sending of Messages, Who Likes Me and Profile Visits are only available to users with credits, or Premium or Premium Plus membership. All basic membership including receiving messages is offered on a discretionary basis and is subject to fair use. At our discretion, we may ask you to pay for the service or otherwise restrict Your access to the basic membership.
4.2 For Premium Plus or Premium members there is no additional charge for sending messages. Otherwise, there is a charge of one credit for sending a message unless You were at an event with someone in the previous 7 (seven) days.
4.3 For Premium Plus members there is no additional charge if You wish to pay for the recipient to be able to read and reply to Your message (reply paid message). For Premium or basic members there is a charge of one credit per reply paid message.
4.4 The messaging system is a means for users to contact other members for personal reasons only. We make no guarantee that another user will read or reply to messages.
4.5 You warrant that You will not post personal details such as Your telephone number, fax number, address and email address or Your membership status in the public areas of Your profile or any other information which would enable other users to contact You directly. In the event of a breach of this clause You agree to pay a full 6 month Premium membership at the prevailing rate per incident.
4.6 You are responsible for ensuring that You maintain the confidentiality of any password used by You and You must not permit any third party to use the Website with Your password.
4.7 You acknowledge that other users will be able to view Your profile and that the website is in the public domain and may be visible to Search Engines.
4.8 You may express interest in other members by clicking the Yes/Maybe link in which case the other member will be notified. If you select No on the member profiles these will be added your Dislike list and the other member will not be notified.
4.9 We will not make any refund where a user does not get a reply from a message, or for unused credits or for any other reason.
4.10 Anyone abusing the service e.g. posting inappropriate content or photos to their profile, or anyone who is deemed by us not to fit in with the general profile of other members, will be asked to change the content or may be removed from the Website and/or the App. You acknowledge that we are not obliged to give an explanation.
4.11 Messages will automatically be deleted after 180 days.
4.12 If not used, credits will last a maximum of 2 years. You will be charged 5 credits at each 30 day anniversary since Your last credit purchase or award.
4.13 Premium and Premium Plus memberships are subject to our fair use policy, which is 500 messages per month.
4.14 By upgrading to Premium or Premium Plus membership You are entering a contract for a continuous subscription. At the end of each term, the membership will be automatically rebilled for the same term and at the same rate as when You first upgraded, until cancelled by You, or until a maximum of 36 months have passed. For each term the day of the upgrade is considered to be a full day. You specifically authorise us to charge the credit/debit card stored at the time the payment is due, or Your PayPal account if selected. Membership can be cancelled at any time on the Website by entering the Account Details section and following the steps after clicking on the Manage Billing link, until billing is confirmed as cancelled. Cancellation will take effect upon the expiry of the current term shown in the member Account Details, at which time Your membership will revert to basic. Members may also cancel further billing by deleting their profile subject to 48 hours notice, at which point all member services will be terminated. No refunds will be provided where the member fails to cancel billing according to these conditions, except at our discretion. After termination of paid membership, any subsequent upgrade to Premium or Premium Plus will be at the prevailing rate as advertised on the Website. From time to time members may be offered a discount on their memberships. All offers are subject to the terms advertised at the time of the offer, and these take precedence over any other conflicting term.
4.15 Users may upgrade from Premium to Premium Plus for a one off payment which will be shown on screen at the prevailing rate. This will not change the expiry date, and will cover the period until the expiry of the initial term. At expiry the membership will be renewed at the Premium Plus rate which prevailed at the time of the upgrade to Premium Plus and for the term selected by the member when making the upgrade.
4.16 Unless cancelled, Premium or Premium Plus subscriptions require a valid stored card or active PayPal recurring payment profile. If using debit/credit card, You may change the stored card in Account Details. If We are unable to collect a subscription payment, or Your PayPal Account Fails to make a subscription payment then We will notify You, and You must update Your payment details on the Website to ensure that subscription payment is made in accordance with this Agreement. Your access to the Website will be restricted whilst subscriptions are overdue.
4.17 If registering for a trial Premium membership, You authorise us to pre-authorise Your credit/debit card or PayPal Account, with the one month subscription package in force at that time. Unless cancelled, at the end of the trial this pre-authorised amount will be paid, and Your account will become a regular Premium subscription account. If the trial membership is cancelled before it expires, then it will end immediately, and You will not be charged. Cancellation can be made on the Website, under Account Details.
4.18 All Premium or Premium plus memberships are valid until midnight on the period end date shown in Account Details. Repeat billing will occur within the next 24 hours during which You will be given a grace period of membership to allow the billing to occur. This is valid until the payment is confirmed as successful or failed.
4.19 You can download the App to access the Service via app stores operated by App Store Providers. Any payments made via an App Store Provider will be subject to the App Store Provider's terms and conditions for payment and the foregoing conditions 4.14 to 4.18 are subject to the provisions of any App Store Provider's terms regarding payment. Our terms and conditions constitute an end-user licence agreement for the purpose of any App Store Provider's terms and conditions for payment or for provision of the App.
4.20 When you are using, or have recently accessed the Service your profile may be shown to other users as Online. You can manage this feature from your profile. The purpose of Online status is to enable more immediate chat with members but We offer no guarantee that anyone showing as Online will reply to You. Due to capacity restrictions or any other reason, we cannot guarantee that the Online feature will always be available.

5.  Eligibility

5.1 By applying to become a Member You warrant and represent to Us that:
5.1.1 You are over 18 years old;
5.1.2 You have not been convicted of any offence relating to violence and/or any offence under the Protection from Harassment Act 1997 (or under any statutory enactment replacing and/or amending such Act); and/or
5.1.3 You have not been subject to any injunction or any order to pay damages under the Protection from Harassment Act 1997 (or under any statutory enactment replacing and/or amending such Act).
5.1.4 You also warrant that You are single or married but separated and therefore in a position to form a relationship.
5.2 If You are not able or not willing to give the warranties and representations set out in clause 5.1 above then You are not entitled to use the service.

6.  Other Detailed conditions

6.1 By registering with the Website and/or the App, and/or making a purchase on the Website and/or the App You agree to be bound by these terms and conditions and any updates to the terms and conditions that may be posted to the Website and/or the App if You continue to use the Service thereafter.
6.2 You agree to be bound by all applicable laws and regulations which apply to Your use of the App, the Website and the Service.
6.3 Registration with the Website and/or the App does not constitute an agreement from us to offer any service.
6.4 You may end your membership at any time by deleting Your profile, which can be found under Contact Preferences on the Website. Allow at least 48 hours notice. Deleting the App will not delete Your profile which will still be accessible and visible on the Website. If You choose to delete Your account You acknowledge that our obligations to You under the membership Agreement are fully satisfied. No refunds are paid in this case whether done intentionally or through error.
6.5 Prices for services are those displayed on the third party app store, the App or the Website at the time of payment. We reserve the right to adjust prices for recurring subscriptions in the event of a VAT rate change.
6.6 If we change our Privacy Policy You will be notified 30 days in advance.
6.7 All refunds for cancellation other than those made within 14 days of upgrade in accordance with the Regulations or made to an App Store Provider are subject to a £2.50 administration charge. Refunds made by an App Store Provider are subject to the App Store Provider's terms and conditions.
6.8 Other than for payments made via the App, all payment disputes must be raised with our customer services using the Contact Us form on the Website. If You raise a payment dispute or chargeback via the payment processor such as Your card provider or PayPal, then this will not release You from any of the obligations of these Terms and Conditions. In the event that You raise a chargeback or dispute for a legitimate charge which was paid in accordance with these Terms and Conditions, You agree to pay us an additional administration fee of £75 (plus VAT at the applicable rate) per transaction. Any disputes regarding payments made to an App Store Provider will be subject to the App Store Provider's terms and conditions.
6.9 All conditions apply to both events organised by Us and those organised by franchisees
6.10 We do not verify personal information on our Members or guests, such as marital status or any other aspects of their general background. It is Your responsibility to verify any details of other members and guests as You see fit.
6.11 You are solely responsible for Your interactions with other users or Members. We are not responsible for the conduct of users or Members either online or offline. Please use common sense and caution when using the Website and dealing with other users or Members offline.
6.12 We may provide links to third party websites. We do not endorse or recommend such websites and You should satisfy Yourself that any goods or services on such websites are suitable for Your requirements.
6.13 You will not communicate any information in relation to, or advertise or attempt to advertise any products or services to any other registered customers of the Service or users of the App or the Website unless specifically agreed in writing by Us.
6.14 You will not make any illegal and/or unauthorised use of the App or the Website, including without limitation, collecting usernames and/or email addresses or SMS numbers of users for the purposes of sending unsolicited mail, or unauthorised framing of or linking to the Website.
6.15 You will not use the App, the Website or the Service to engage in any form of harassment or offensive behaviour including but not limited to the posting of communications, pictures or recordings which contain libellous, slanderous, abusive or defamatory statements or racist, pornographic, obscene or offensive language.
6.16 You agree that neither We, nor any of Our associates are liable for any damages, direct or indirect, that may in any way arise out of the Service or the use of the Website. This includes, without limitation, damages arising out of meeting or communicating with other users.
6.17 We reserve the right to take action at our discretion, which may include barring / eviction from either events, the App, the Website or the Service, to maintain a comfortable and safe environment for our members. All complaints about language and behaviour are treated seriously and will be investigated.
6.18 Your use of the Service is for Your sole, personal non-commercial use. You may not authorize others to use Your user details, and You may not assign or otherwise transfer Your account to any other person or entity.
6.19 Filming and photography may take place at any event for promotional purposes. We will endeavour to give a minimum 24 hours notice. In no circumstances will We be liable to any losses or damages in respect of images taken at an event, although we will make every effort to exclude those who wish to protect their own image.
6.20 All the content on the App and the Website is under copyright and is either owned by or licensed to Us, and You will not take text or images from it without written permission from Us or remove, modify or alter any registered or unregistered marks or logos owned by Us.
6.21 By publishing or displaying any content, messages, photos or profiles on any public area of the App or the Website You automatically grant and You represent and warrant that You have the right to grant to Us an irrevocable, perpetual, non-exclusive, fully paid, worldwide licence to use, copy, perform, display and distribute such content, messages, photos or profiles and to prepare derivative works of, or incorporate into other works, such content, messages, photos or profiles and to grant and authorise sub-licences of such content, messages, photos and profiles. In respect of such dealings by Us and Our sub-licensees You hereby unconditionally and irrevocably waive any moral rights which You may have in the content, messages, photos or profiles under Part 1, Chapter IV of the Copyright Designs and Patents Act 1988 and any similar or corresponding foreign rights.
6.22 Disclaimer of Warranty: We and associated franchisees provide Service on an "as is" basis and grants no warranties of any kind, expressed, implied, statutory, in any communication with Us or our representatives, or otherwise with respect to the Service. We and Our associated franchisees specifically disclaim any implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, or non-infringement. Although We make every effort to design a secure on-line service, using secure servers and other secure technology with a high level of reliability, We and Our associated franchisees do not warrant that Your use of The Service will be secure, uninterrupted, always available, or error-free, or will meet Your requirements, or that any defects in the Service will be corrected. We and Our associated franchisees disclaim liability for, and no warranty is made with respect to, connectivity and availability.
6.23 Personal data including registration data collected from You is subject to Our Privacy Policy which can be found here.
6.24 Limitation of Liability: In no event will We and Our associated franchisees be liable to You for any incidental, consequential, or indirect damages (including, but not limited to, damages for loss of data, loss of programs, cost of procurement of substitute services or service interruptions) arising out of the use of or inability to use the Service, even if We or Our agents or representatives know or have been advised of the possibility of such damages, or to any person other than You. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained herein, We and Our associated franchisees liability to You for any cause whatsoever, and regardless of the form of the action, will at all times be limited to the amount paid, if any, by You to Us and Our associated franchisees for the Service during the term of membership. We and Our associated franchisees do not screen the members registering for the Service offered by Us or associated franchisees in any way. As a result We and Our associated franchisees will not be liable for any damages, direct, indirect, incidental and/or consequential, arising out of the use of this Service, including, without limitation, to damages arising out of communicating and/or meeting with other users of this Service, or introduced to You via this Service. Such damages include, without limitation, physical damages, bodily injury and or emotional distress and discomfort. We and Our associated franchisees are not liable for the integrity of statements made by users as to their identity, marital status and general background. It is incumbent and advised upon the user to verify any and all information relating to but not limited to this subject. It is advised to check references of any user. Nothing in this Agreement shall exclude or limit Our Liability for death or personal injury due to Our negligence or any liability which is due to Our fraud or any other liability which is not permitted to be excluded or limited as a matter of law. Nothing in this Agreement shall exclude or limit any of Your statutory rights which may not be excluded or limited due to You acting as a consumer.
6.25 Indemnity: You agree to indemnify Us and keep indemnified, against any and all losses, proceedings, lost profits, damages, awards, expenses, costs (including increased administration costs and legal costs on a full indemnity basis), claims, actions and any other losses and/or liabilities suffered by Us and arising from and/or relating to Your use of the Service, website and/or other material posted on or via the App or the Website by You and/or arising from or due to any breach of contract, any tortious act and/or omission and/or any breach of statutory duty by You.
6.26 This Agreement is governed by and interpreted in accordance with English law and the parties agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts. If any clause is found to be unenforceable that part shall be enforced to the maximum extent permissible so as to give effect to the intent of the parties and such unenforceability does not invalidate any other clause or any other part of this Agreement.
6.27 If You upgrade Your membership, in agreeing to this Agreement You expressly request that We provide the services to You immediately in accordance with Regulation 36(1). You may cancel an upgraded membership by giving Us written notice within 14 days from the day after You upgrade Your membership in accordance with Regulations 27 to 38. Within 14 days of the day after Your notice We will refund the payment by credit card refund or debit card refund or PayPal. We may deduct a proportionate amount from any amount You have paid for use of the Service during the first 14 days up until the time that You cancel in accordance with Regulation 36(4). You acknowledge that if You upgrade to a Premium or Premium Plus membership Your upgraded membership activation has been fully satisfied at the time of upgrade and £25 in respect of Our costs incurred in upgrading Your membership will therefore be deducted from any refund due under the Regulations. This applies every time You upgrade Your membership but not for any subscriptions later paid under the same membership. This clause does not apply to (i) the purchase of upgraded memberships via the App, which shall be subject to the App Store Provider's terms and conditions, or (ii) the purchase of events which are non-refundable by virtue of Regulation 28(1)(h). Membership may entitle You to event discounts. If You have booked any events at a discount then the amount of the discount will be deducted from any refund due.
6.28 You may wish to use the statutory model cancellation form from Schedule 2 of the Regulations in order to cancel Your membership, which can be found here. If you wish to cancel Your agreement with an App Store Provider You must do in accordance with the App Store Provider's terms and conditions.
6.29 Other than specified in any App Store Provider's terms and conditions, this Agreement does not create any rights under the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 which are enforceable by any person who is either not a party to it or who is not a provider of the relevant goods or services.
6.30 You agree that We have the right to assign this Agreement.
6.31 The Single Solution, Muslim Single Solution and Asian Single Solution are the trading names of Go Dating Ltd. Single Solution is a registered Trademark. These terms and conditions are the property of Go Dating Limited (trading as The Single Solution) a private limited company incorporated in England and Wales with registered Company number: 04546749 (VAT number: 93790099) whose registered office is at 46 Dorset Street, London W1U 7NB, United Kingdom. Tel: 08456436520
6.32 Go Dating Ltd is registered with UK Data Protection, number Z9142133