Making Payments through the App

What are the differences between Premium and Premium Plus membership?

Both subscription types offer unlimited messaging, and events discounts. Premium plus has the added advantage in that you can send unlimited messages reply paid so the recipient can read or reply without their own membership. Premium Plus allows you to activate Private Browsing so you can view profiles without leaving a trace - see below.

How do I pay?

You can either choose to pay via Itunes or you may wish to pay via the website. We may from time to time provide discounts which can be accessed through the website. Event tickets can only be purchased via the website. To add friends, use the main site.

Is the website secure?

All the payment pages on the website and App use a secure server and any credit card information is fully encrypted before transmission over the internet.

How do you store my card details?

If you pay via the website, then we do not store your card details ourselves for security reasons. Your card is authorised and stored by our credit card processing company Datacash who are payment specialists. If your payment details are stored, then you will not need to re-enter your details each time you wish to make a transaction.
We will not automatically charge your card unless you make a request.

We do store the last 4 digits, card type, and expiry date purely as a means for you to identify which card is stored.

What's a pre-authorised transaction?

A pre-authorised transaction is for when you want to go onto a waiting list for an event. We receive authority from your card issuer but don't actually charge your card unless your place at the event is confirmed.

Card Verification Number (CVN)

The CVN is a three or four digit security code normally found on the back of your credit or debit card. This is not stored.

What is your refund policy?

In general, we are unable to provide refunds unless we are at fault. We may provide refunds as per our policy, please see the link under FAQs on the Contact Us page.

How do I cancel Premium and Premium Plus memberships

Full memberships are subscriptions which are repeat billed at expiry. Cancellation must be requested prior to the next payment date. If you paid via Itunes then you can only cancel via Itunes. For all other payment types, you can cancel on the website in the Account Details section.

When cancelling, you will generally get to keep the period paid for unless there is a specific on screen warning to the contrary, for example if you had received a new member discount.

If you cannot get online, please Contact Us however for security reasons we may require proof of ID. Please allow at least 7 days notice.

How do I see my membership payments?

You can now see your membership payment history in the Account Details section under the Account Activity tab. This will show any membership payments from the past 12 months. As such you will not be sent a payment notification for membership subscriptions, other than upgrade invoices, by email from ourselves. If you are with Paypal or Itunes you will normally receive payment notificaions via email directly from that processor.