How do I contact other members?

You can use our messaging system to contact anyone who has a visible profile on the website.

Within each profile there is a send message link, or if you know the Nickname you can contact them directly using the messages link.

Is messaging Free?

To send and read messages you need to be a Premium or Premium Plus member.

If you are signed up to an event messaging between guests is free for 7 days after each event. Please note that you will need to use the website to do this.

If you receive such a Reply Paid message it will have a green pound sign next to the message. You can read and reply for free in this case.

What´s a reply paid message?

If you are a Premium Plus member all your sent messages will be automatically Reply Paid. This means that you can contact, and get replies from anyone on the database, even those who are not paid up members, keeping you in control.

How many messages can I send?

You can send as many messages as you like, as long as you take care to ensure you are a good match, read their profile and write something personalised to each member.

If you are contacting more than 6 or 7 members with the same message, this may be considered to be spam, and you may be temporarily suspended from the website.

Can I send Contact Details with my message?

You can send contact details, but our policy is that you should not send contact details in the first message. There is simply no need as chatting is the whole purpose of our messaging system. You should ensure both of you are comfortable before asking to swap details and to chat away from the website.

What if the person I´m contacting is not an active member?

Overall above 70% of messages will get read. However, if you are a Premium Plus member you can send messages Reply Paid, so that the recipient can read and reply to your message regardless of their membership status. This can give you that extra chance of a reply.

How to I retrieve or cancel a message once it has been sent?

Once you send a message it cannot be recalled. If you delete if from your sent messages folder it will still be delivered.

How long will messages remain on the system?

Messages will automatically be deleted from the system after 120 days. If you wish to keep a message please ensure you click on save message. On the App click the three dots on the top of the main chat screen to access this option.