Using the Service


You can register your basic details via the APP or on the website. Once your profile has been created, you will be asked to verify your email address by clicking on your welcome email. You may add further details from the Edit Profile menu.

You are identified on the App and website by a Nickname which is unique to you and which must not contain your real surname.

We ask for a valid mobile phone number as this may be needed for a password reset, or if we need to contact you about an important membership matter.

Why do I have to have a photo?

Photos are compulsory for all members wishing to use the App. That's because the App is a very visual dating service and we want everyone to have the best chance of success. By adding a photo, you will be included in the Daily Match game which means more opportunities to get noticed. Main photo must be a clear portrait. You can have up to 8 photos in your album.

Any photo other than the main photo, can be restricted to Favourites which includes those to whom you send messages.

How do I protect my privacy?

The Single Solution are registered Data Controllers, and we will never disclose personal details to anyone unless required to do so by law. Contact information such as your full postcode, mobile number, name and email will never be displayed on the App or website.

You are identified on the App and website by a Nickname which is unique to you and which must not contain your real surname.

Personal details such as contact details or social media references must not be used in the narrative text areas of your profile. When you view another profile by default, this will be recorded as a profile visit. Private Browsing is available to PremiumPlus members and is activated in the Contact Preferences section on the website. Or in the Settings - General menu in the APP.

How can I edit Contact Preferences?

You can edit Notifications for in-App and push notifications from the Settings menu in the APP.

To edit email and other Preferences go to Contact Preferences on the website.

How do I store search preferences?

Basic stored search preferences for age, religion and if raised in the UK or Worldwide, will be taken upon registration and will be displayed on your profile as your Looking For criteria. To change these, go to Edit Profile.

When making a search in the APP, you can save these criteria by clicking on the little disk icon. You nominate a name to each of your searches and can then reload these again each time you make a search.

More advanced filtering is available on our main website, or mobile web version. If you change the age range or religion during a search on the website, it will update your profile search criteria.

How do I use the search facility?

Click on the Search icon on the top right of the screen top open the search page. Searches will default to your stored search criteria but can easily be changed for each search. Searches should be as broad as possible as adding too many filters may reduce the number of results. If you do not receive the results you want, then you should widen your search criteria.

Deal breakers is a new feature, in beta testing. You can specify religion and age range and Country of Origin (where raised). Only members that meet your criteria (or close to) will be able to see your profile if you tick dealbreaker. Country of Origin allows you to select members who were raised in UK only or anywhere. The dealbreakers maybe dependent on members filling in this information correctly. In this context Country of Origin is where raised and is not the same as Regional Origin, which is typically the Indian State where the members recent ancestors lived.

How do I search by keywords or Nickname?

You can only perform this search if you are logged into the main website. This option is not available in the APP or mobile versions. On a mobile you can access the main website from the menu.

What if I want to temporarily hide my profile?

You can exclude your profile from search results and matches, by using the visible/hidden switch, or by deselecting the profile searchable option within the Contact Preferences section on the website. Your profile will then only be visible to users who have a direct link to your profile, e.g. event guests, favourites, messages.

What are Favourites and Likes?

Likes are a quick way for you to tell another member that you are interested. You can send someone a LIKE by clicking on the YES/MAYBE thumbs up icon. You can see who likes you from the WHO LIKES ME section as well as any MUTUAL Likes. Membership is required to view this feature.

Profiles that you have LIKED or DISLIKED are shown in the FAVOURITES section. If you click DISLIKE then these members are not notified of this.

Why has my profile has been suspended?

Your profile may be suspended for a number of different reasons. Normally we will have sent you an email so please check your inbox. These may include Inappropriate content on your profile such contact details, real name or membership status.

You have abused the messaging facility or we need to discuss your messages with you We have tried to contact you about something by email but you have not replied.

If your profile is suspended it will not Appear in any searches, and you cannot send messages. To resolve this Contact Us.

What is Private Browsing?

Normally, when you view another profile this will be recorded as a profile visit. If you want to browse anonymously, you can enable Private Browsing. This feature is only available to Premium Plus members and must be activated. To turn this on in the APP go to Settings. On the website go to Contact Preferences.

What is Tagging?

Tagging is a new APP only feature that allows you to create a list of profiles from the search results without clicking away from the page. The profiles you Tag are added to your shortlist for viewing later. This list is refreshed every 24 hours. When you Tag a profile, the other person won't know you have done so.

How do I save a search?

Basic search criteria are stored from Edit Profile. To save a detailed search in the App click the DISK icon from your search results page. On the main website, the option is on the left from your search results.

How do I delete a message?

Tap the three dots at the top of the chat screen to reveal this option. If you delete your account completely then all messages will be deleted too.

How do I block another member?

You can block a member by selecting the Block button in their profile.

It will also remove any Profile Visits and Likes between the two of you and will prevent messages from being sent. You cannot read a message if you've been blocked.

To remove a blocked user on the website locate the Blocked Profiles section from the My Activity Menu. On the APP this is within Settings.

What is the Daily Matches Game?

Each day, when you first use the App, you'll be presented with a selection of up to 6 profiles. With each one you will see a photo, age, religion and location.

You can either accept as Yes/Maybe or reject them with one click. If you want to see more you can view profile. We recommend that if you like someone then you also start messaging them right away. To re-enter daily matches, go to My Matches from the main menu.

To see who you have liked go to Favourites and to see who likes you go to Who Likes Me. We have now also set up a separate tab so you can see your Mutual Likes straight away. This makes interactions faster and give you a better chance to meet someone.

How do I remove my profile completely?

We do not suggest you delete your profile unless you are no longer single. It's better to simply hide the profile instead.

If you do want to delete your profile you can only do this on the website in the Preferences section.

Please note that when you delete your profile you will also delete your messages and lose any membership you might have paid for.