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Interesting fact

I actually do not mind watching football!!! Premier or World Cup it's all good! Man United being a fam fav team..! So if your an Arsenal, Liverpool,Spurs, etc supporter you are prob shaking your head right now haa! Also I have a passion for cars especially fast cars!!! Currently have an M Sport BMW ..hey it's a start! German cars are my fav! However a Bugatti,Ferrari California,Lamborghini Aventador,Bentley Continental,Maserati.. on my wishful thinking list haa!!!

About Addictiveone

I am easy going, chilled out, caring, confident and a lil to live my life to the max..I like to go on holidays, (who doesn't?!) continue to visit different countries worldwide...Monte Carlo, Cyprus, Miami, Goa, Atlanta, being a few of my fav destinations!
Experience different cultures and enjoy food from all over..Cypriot, Caribbean, Thai food my fav! (Indian food will always be no.1 tho! :-p) can't beat momma's cooking..! Hey Iv learnt from the master!!

Love movies action/comedies in particular
Classics such as Scar face, Independence Day, Training Day, Godfather, Shawshank Redemption, Hangover, Casino Royal, Pursuit of Happiness, Bad Boys!!! And many more..

Sooo.. to sum up holidays, good food, cocktails, movies and body combat never know when my when my skills can be used as a benefit..!self defence I believe it's called!.. haa!!

( p.s also known to have ocd!)

Yes the usual shopping and spa weekends are a great treat and way to relax..which I'm sure men also would agree.. Well to a certain extent anyway.. Maybe quad biking, boxing, American pool, ps4, golf, footy and a chilled pint in the pub prob more your thing.. But hey it's all good..!

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5' 5"
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Currently worked for Marriott International Hotels
Followed by IHG working as a Hotel Duty Manager/ Front Office Assistant Manager
Defo a great experience and many crazy story's .. and the classic 'can I get discount' question..! Lmao!..
Yes I can.. World wide to top it off..! Lucky me indeed..


Ambitious, Analytical, Caring, Confident, Determined, Easy Going, Independent, Organised, Spontaneous, Supportive

General Interests

Cars, Computer Games, Cooking, Gym, Making Money, Reading, Shopping, The Outdoors, Travel


Concerts, Dancing, Dining Out, Movies, Television, Theatre, Watching Sports

Musical Tastes

Bhangra, R and B, Soul, World Music

Addictiveone says

Ways I like to keep fit .. My weekly body combat class's!!! It's something diff which I really enjoy!..defo a good intense work out routine and leaves a great feeling of satisfaction/ stress releaser..
I have been in a hot air balloon and helicopter.. also love theme parks for the buzz of the adrenaline!! Disney Florida 3 times so far!!
Breathe an STOP.. And give it what ya got!... Haa! ( get the song?..)
If you've managed to read to the end excuse the lonnng profile.. However I could have opted for 'just ask' ,'not good at this stuff' or a boring vauge profile.. but who would want that? Zzz...

Addictiveone is looking for...

Age: 34 to 41

Religion: Sikh, Hindu

To find my soul partner..A guy I have a connection with, someone similar to myself..the one to share this journey with...a man that I feel at ease with naturally... honest, real, trustworthy, caring, respectful, that special one for me to be there for whatever life brings at us and vice versa.stand by my man for life!
Someone who has similar views, morals and goals in life..someone to be as 'one' be one team/part of each other regardless.
Family is very important to me... coming from a large family with over thirty first cousins and two generations of twins.. Defo blessed!
Hopefully one day have a family of our own...
Happiness..key for success in life..being able to make eachother smile and being happy each day no matter how the day happens to turn out..better days always ahead..!
Enough of me now.. Time to hear about you...!
Hope to hear from the one for me...and can get to know me can not know much from this profile in person is always best! ( if I'm for you!) feel free to leave me a msg and you can get to know more ..
If not.. good luck in your search.