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Ajay Raj
41, Atheist/agnostic, Punjabi
University, Finance/ Insurance
Looking For: Let's see what happens

Note: Hi to all, I have been on here for about a month now and know how these things work, as far to say this is not my first rodeo. If people want to find a partner, then them being far too picky and choosey is going to leave you single, its as simple as that. I've seen it all, some what the person to be Jatt Sikh only, some want guys over 5'10, some want a serious relationship, I understand but, if you want a lifelong realtionship, but how is a person going to find a suitable suitor if you are going to restrict who you want as a partner, and funnel down without texting, speaking or physically meeting a person for a coffee, meal or a drink? its going to take more than 10- 15 meetups to get a true commitment (forget marriage at this stage), this is 2022 and living in the U.K, this is not the 1980's, people need to loosen up and give life a chance, otherwise 12- 24 months down the line you will be back on here again look for a new partner/husband/date, after your previous relationship has broken down, some of the best and longest relationships were originally formed by blind dates and arranged marriages, also odd couples work, I am not saying we all do that, but being a little pro active would increase all chances exponential if you want it, seriously. sorry if this has offended anyone but we all need a reality check, this was it!! Now more about me
I orginally belong and was a Sikh, but I am no longer religious and through life experience and education believe in living in harmony, " humanity is the greatest religion, if a person is a good human being, and loves and respects other human beings as he respects himself, then there is no greater religion", Quote; Guru Nanak Dev Ji.
Okay so I am: Fun loving, larger than life, live life to the max, travel, food, places, books, clubs, movies, eating in, eating out. Pretty chilled out person. Love being around people, and sometimes just appreciate "me" time. Love children and pets. Respect all people and have a respectful upbringing, totally respect women, mothers, sisters. Believe in everyone is beautiful in their own rights, everyone deserves a second chance, live and let live, respect people's religion and way of life and leave them to practice what makes them happy. Happiness is bliss. Believe in mutual understanding and being adjustable to make things work. I respect all religions and welcome everyone, I am a researcher on relgion and just about everything, "you, know search for faith, for philosophy,
for the meaning of life and why we are here that type of deep stuff, anywhy, I hope everyone finds someone, happy searching and thanx for reading my profile.

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About Ajay Raj

5' 10"
Facial hair 
Marital status 
Have children? 
Want children? 
Religious practice 
Not practising
Income level 
Seniority level 
Own business

Personality & Interests

Adventurous, Caring, Confident, Easy Going, Enthusiastic, Generous, Liberal, Patient
Work in jobs I enjoy and seem to change jobs regular, but have a few regular occupations I go back to again and again, at this moment in time I work as a Financial Advisor. I also own my own Finance Business Brokerage, and will be diversifying into the fast food business in Q3 of this year, by buyin
General Interests 
Cooking, Gym, Helping Others, Making Money, Pets, Photography, Reading, Shopping, The Outdoors, Travel, Wine Tasting
Concerts, Dancing, Dining Out, Movies, Nightclubs, Pubs, Television
Musical Tastes 
Bhangra, Funk, Indian Music, Pop, R and B, Soul
Other Interests 
I am an easy going person, religious background, caste colour, creed doesn't matter to me, as long as two individuals click or find some common ground to carry on seeing each other, that would work for me. Making a family, children are all important to and I love children, I don't have no issues if a potential partner comes with children from a previous relationship, I would see that them children, who would be in turn my children in would be treated, loved and looked after in exactly the same way and respect as if I was their biological parent. All relationships are relationships not just the biological ones. "Lord Shri Krishna", come to mind, if you know how the legend goes.

Ajay Raj is looking for

looks after themselves, apperance wise, a fun person who want to enjoy life. Wants to travel, also enjoy comfort time watching a movie at home snuggling up on the couch. Enjoy different cuisine.

20 - 55
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