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34, Sikh, Punjabi
GCSE, Arts/Media
Looking For: A serious relationship

“I am the best ratio of sweet and bad boy.”
Hey there! I'm Jaskirat Singh and I'm on this journey to find a meaningful and committed relationship that can eventually lead to marriage.
I’m a born and raised in Punjab, India boy, and like any good country boy I clean up good and know how to turn on the charm. I'm fluent in Punjabi, which is my native language, and I'm also actively learning English
Here's a glimpse into my personality:
I have a unique blend of being sweet and having that 'good kind of bad boy' charm. I love to keep things exciting and try new things, embracing my adventurous spirit. Whether it's exploring new places or experiencing thrilling activities, I'm always up for an adventure by your side.
One of my greatest strengths is my sense of humour. I'll always be the guy who brings laughter to your life and puts a smile on your face. Making you laugh is one of my top priorities because there's nothing better than sharing moments of joy together.
In relationships, I value romance and affection. I believe in expressing my feelings openly and genuinely. I'm the kind of person who will surprise you with sweet gestures and heartfelt compliments that make you feel cherished.
Beyond my playful side, I'm also passionate about helping others. It's a cause close to my heart, and I'm dedicated to making a difference. I have a compassionate nature and enjoy supporting those in need.
While I have a fun-loving and easy-going nature, I also have a deep appreciation for the little things in life. I enjoy spending quality time together, whether it's exploring the outdoors, having a cosy movie night, or simply engaging in meaningful conversations that deepen our connection.
In terms of hobbies and interests, I have a wide range of passions. I love staying active and living a healthy lifestyle, whether it's through outdoor activities, hitting the gym, or engaging in sports. Music holds a special place in my heart, and I love listening to various classic songs.
I'm looking for someone who is ready for a serious commitment and shares similar values and aspirations. I believe in the power of old-fashioned romance and chivalry. Opening doors and going on traditional dates are just some of the ways I show respect and care.
If you're looking for a partner who is loyal, affectionate, and dedicated to building a future together, I'd be thrilled to get to know you better. Let's create a beautiful love story filled with laughter, adventure, and genuine connection.
“I’ll be your Raj if you’ll be my Simran.” (Classic Bollywood film quote)

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About Jaskirat1

5' 9"
Punjab, India
Facial hair 
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Marital status 
Single Never Married
Have children? 
Want children? 
Possibly want some/more
Religious practice 
Income level 

Personality & Interests

Caring, Patient, Serious, Supportive
I worked as printing assistant which I provides support and assistance to the printing team in a variety of tasks. Their role involves aiding in the smooth operation of the printing process and ensuring efficient production of printed materials.
General Interests 
Computer Games, Helping Others, The Outdoors, Travel
Musical Tastes 
Bhangra, R and B, Rap

Jaskirat1 is looking for

Not mind and am not fussy, the most important is getting vibes and connection with you. Am into serious relationship that may led to getting married. Would love to have children too.

18 - 70

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