London Indian Film Festival 2024

June 12th, 2024

For the 10th year running we are supporting the Uk’s best Indian Film Festival. In 2024 this is being celebrated in four major UK Cities. London, Birmingham, Leeds and Manchester.

Indian Film Festival

This year sees an extensive range of genres from romance through gripping dramas.

See the Catalogue of films on the website.

This year we are running our “Make it a Date Night” Campaign with the festival. Cinema is a time endured classic date night, where you can cuddle up on the back row. Share the experience and talk about the movie afterwards.

Get your tickets on the festival website and of course get your date, here at Asian Single Solution. The home of British Asian Dating. With over 20 years of history behind us we are the No1 place in the UK to meet your partner. We specialise in those of Indian Heritage living in the UK but especially British Asians.

We run regular events every month and offer a large selection of online profiles. Why not join today.?

Our Instagram Page

May 27th, 2024

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Celebrating International Women’s Day

March 8th, 2024
AsianSingleSolution Celebrating International Women’s Day

To help empower our female members we have unlocked LIKES and VIEWS for today. So even if you are just a basic member you can now have full access to these valuable features. Log in now and have a play.

Work your way through , and you will see instantly when you have a mutual match.

For best results remember to upgrade membership and be proactive. Especially on International Women’s Day , today is a day that you are empowered to make the first move.

Good luck. Happy Dating.

love Asian Single Solution.

AsianD8 Joins AsianSingleSolution

December 20th, 2023

As of 20th December AsianD8 is now part of AsianSingleSolution. This will create an Asian Dating powerhouse for our combined members in 2024.

AsianD8 Logo

Here are some FAQs to answer your most common questions.

Update – 23 Dec

Profiles have now been migrated. If your profile has not been migrated , this is because you had opted out or had unsubscribed. You can re-register.

What is the first Thing I must do, once migrated

You must first reset your password on the website. Then once logged in for the first time, go to EDIT PROFILE and ensure you have completed the basics. Our basic requirements may be slightly different to AsianD8. Ensure you have a nice profile description, and your best photos. In particular we need your Forename, Location, check your email Preferences, visibility (hidden or visible), recent photos ;-) , check your partner criteria (age range and religion). Please check Regional Origin (community).

Email Changes

you will start to get emails from please look out for this.
To stop emails go to PREFERENCES or DELETE the profile.

Please never report GENUINE emails as spam, as you had opted in for this service.

Who is Asian Single Solution

AsianSingleSolution was launched in 2009 as a spin off from the Single Solution. We had been running Asian Events for several years and a large percentage of our members were Asian. We have run hundreds of events and have countless success stories. We plan to run at least one event per month in London in 2024 and will add other Cities if we can.

If I recall, AsianD8 appeared originally as Asian Speed Date around 2008. They soon launched their own expanded services when the next generation of owners took over. They then launched AsianD8Online which eventually became AsianD8. I like to believe that they were strongly inspired by ourselves as the original British Asian dating company of any stature. AsianD8 became a strong player for events, particularly with their padlock parties that appealed to the under 30s crowd. We always had a good relationship and operated side by side in the market. We found that a lot of our members hopped between the two brands and the savvy daters were members of both. It is a very natural fit that we are now taking over the reigns from the owners of AsianD8 and hope to expand the combined brand for further success in 2024.

Will AsianD8 site continue

The AsianD8 site will be taken offline from Friday 22nd December 2023. You will not be able to access your profile or messages after that time. On , or soon after Friday 22nd December your profile details will be migrated to the Asian Single Solution Platform. We will post an announcement here, when that is available.

What happens to my AsianD8 Profile

Your profile will be migrated to the Asian Single Solution website as soon as possible on or after 22nd December. You will be able to log in with your old Email. You will need to reset your password using the link for forgotten password. No online organisation should store actual passwords in plain text, so it is impossible to migrate your actual secret password. We intend to migrate your main profile information, photos and descriptions. We will most likely not copy over messages so please access old messages prior to 21st December as per the email you were sent last week.

What if I already have a profile on AsianSingleSolution?

Your profile will not be migrated and your old profile will no longer be accessible from 22nd December.

What Happens to my AsianD8 membership?

If you have a paid plan, it will be moved over to Asian Single Solution. It will end at the expiry of the current period although you will be given 30 days bonus. After that, please upgrade again as normal on the AsianSingleSolution site if you wish to continue.

All paying members were offered a refund option by email on a courtesy basis. If you did not request this, or did not receive the email, unfortunately, that option is no longer available. You are being compensated with additional time on the A.s.s website. Please do not ask for refunds as this is no longer possible and refunds were only offered as a courtesy because your membership will continue on the A.s.s website.

My Profile has not been Migrated

We are only migrating recently active profiles. If you have not logged in for some time, or at any point you unsubscribed to the AsianD8 emails then your profile may not be migrated. You will need to re-register which is quick and easy do so and you can use this opportunity to select new, recent images.

What about my History, Likes and Blocks

We intend to copy Blocks where possible. We will not be able to copy your Likes due to compatibility issues but a fresh start would be the best option for everyone. We operate slightly differently as we encourage you to evaluate everyone as YES/MAYBE or NO. These are then shown in lists and you can then choose to mail people if you wish to follow up.

What if I do not wish to be migrated or want to delete my account?

There was a window to decline the transfer which ended on Monday 18th December. Do not worry if you missed this. Your data will be migrated but you can easily delete the account once you regain access to it. Once logged in, go to the PREFERENCES section. The delete link will be at the bottom of the page.

If you believe that you had already requested deletion but your data is still there, please request deletion through our website. Log in and go to the Preferences section. Please only contact us if you cannot access this page.

What happens to the AsianD8 Apps

These are no longer functioning.

Does AsianSingleSolution have an APP

Our main service is delivered through the website.

In all cases, you must reset your password through the website and accept our general Terms of business before you can use the APP.

We have an Iphone App that can be used for search and messaging. This is due for a major update in 2024 depending on the needs of our clients. Most people find that the website is responsive and provides all the functionality that is needed.

The Android App is available as a simple tool to store your log in details. This helps you gain quick access to the website.

As a smaller and independent dating business focussing on British Asians, it is more practical for us to focus on one platform, i.e. the website.

What does this mean for existing AsianSingleSolution members

By bringing all the AsianD8 users over this will give you an additional pool of potential dates.

I keep getting pushed into the registration section

We have a few compulsory data points that may be blank in your profile. Go to EDIT PROFILE and ensure that you have added the basic information. We ask for your name, location, a short profile description and a few words about your profession. An approved main photo is needed to use the service. A mobile may be requested, which is needed for additional validation and to contact you if there is an issue with an event or your membership and we need to contact you urgently.