Asian Dating in Coventry Rail Station, Station Square, Coventry

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Coventry Rail Station, Station Square, Coventry
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I apologise for not taking this seriously enough for what a lot of ladies want . I don't want anything serious. Been in a marriage for a long time and now I'm single and don't believe I'm ready to jump into another so soon .I don't have any interest in religion so please forgive me. I don't want to waste anyone's time. I need to know what, who, were, And most importantly compatability. Taste before you thrive. Live and live NO LIE. . I'm as far from religion like it belongs on the moon but not with the stars as they belong to me.I am a wee different from your conventional men and that makes me unique. Without vane.My moto is , Live and let live. I know there are women who are looking for men with the same beliefs and I would like to believe its to please either there family or there society regardless whether they ever practice or not. A person who is what I want is a person who lives life for themselves and doesn't care if I am a green , Black, red, orange. All I read on this site is colour blind , Religion blind And only if mamas fine ,

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About Zane1

5' 9"
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Definitely don't want any (more)

Personality & Interests

Adventurous, Decisive, Easy Going, Optimistic
Self Employed, Transportation. I have worked hard for what I have and I don't care for women that want wealth revolving there everyday life. I don't think I'm a man that women want. I'm different. Cool and down to earth. Maybe I still believe in falling in love. Wow
General Interests 
Gym, Helping Others, The Outdoors, Travel
Concerts, Dining Out, Movies, Theatre
Musical Tastes 
Indian Music, Soul, World Music
Other Interests 
Cool as a real Cucumber.I love the punjabi music that is coming out today. Its amazing. Hindi, films, music is the best in the world without a doubt. Old romantic I suppose.

Zane1 is looking for

Regardless of your age , colour, background, poor or rich, I don't care and nor do I judge anyone for who they are. How much I have in my account. Cast don'tbelieve. . Jest for life and happiness. Age is no concern . I have to click .If you are looking for a person who is the same religion then please don't waste your time on me . I'm as far from religion so don't say you was not warned.Im not here to lie to anyone and time is precious.I love the female species. And most of all she has to have the drive to live life like it's the last day she will ever get roti and daal and paneer. 😆

38 - 60
Adventurous, Flirty, Imaginative

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