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28, Jain, Gujarati
University, Finance/ Insurance
Looking For: A serious relationship

Loyal, charming, cheerful, ambitious and outgoing. And very smiley :)
I love spending time with family and friends alike. I enjoy going out and having a good laugh/party, but am also happy relaxing with quality evenings in - I can be super bubbly sometimes, but quieter and more pensive at other times. I light up at opportunities to debate open ended questions, and hear other people's points of view and experiences. Learning constantly is really important to me (ask me for podcast recommendations if you want!) - I'm fascinated by psychology and am currently diving into history. I'd love to have someone to travel with more too.
I love my Hindi, Tamil and Sinhalese cinema and songs - Bollywood nakhra is an undeniable part of me - but am also into Spanish music and Japanese anime too. I can read and speak decent Hindi and am slowly learning the other languages :) I’m a feminist, a fashionista, and keen on fitness. When I'm not studying for actuarial exams, I spend some time learning to sing and play piano, improving my flexibility for dance, making art, and writing.
My core values are kindness, integrity, striving to become the best version of myself and using the skills I develop to give back to the world. 🥳
Ps. I know I sound crazy busy but don't stress! Life is a priorities game and I have no hesitations about making time for you and your interests :D

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About Aashni23

5' 1"
Yes, vegetarian
Marital status 
Single Never Married
Have children? 
Want children? 
Probably don't want any (more)
Religious practice 

Personality & Interests

Adventurous, Ambitious, Analytical, Caring, Confident, Determined, Energetic, Enthusiastic, Imaginative, Independent, Liberal, Optimistic, Organised, Patient, Serious, Sociable, Supportive
I work as an actuary (capital modelling analyst) for an insurance company, and manage a few creative side hustles in my spare time. After building up some experience I'm hoping to work on climate-related projects or something similarly exciting and current.
General Interests 
Gym, Helping Others, Museums, Playing an instrument, Playing Sports, Reading, Shopping, The Outdoors, Travel, Writing
Concerts, Dancing, Dining Out, Movies, Nightclubs, Theatre
Musical Tastes 
Bhangra, Indian Music, Pop, R and B, Rap, World Music

Aashni23 is looking for

(Vegetarian please - at least at home :)
Someone who's friendly, fun, mature, self-aware and a good communicator. I come with a deep pull to achieve more in life and contribute to something larger than myself, so I'm looking for someone who feels the same and continually works towards accomplishing goals and enriching themselves - so we can bounce ideas off each other and be mutual cheerleaders.
I love romance (though it's me who loves doing romantic gestures!) and can be a bit of a Bollywood natkhat mastikhor at times, so bring your filmi side!
Cuddles are a necessity :)
If you are also stylish and can dance a bit, we're REALLY onto something here :D

Send me a message - what do you do to squeeze the juice out of life? :)

25 - 32
Atheist/agnostic, Sikh, Hindu, Jain, Other
Caring, Enthusiastic, Sociable

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