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58, Other
Darenth, Dartford
University, Civil Service/Government
Looking For: A serious relationship

Making the most of Life... Time!
Self sufficient, independent and content in many ways except for the companionship of a significant other.
A good work/life balance is important to me. Although independent as an individual, I appreciate the value of emotional interdependence in a successful partnership even in the most mundane aspects of day to day life.
I do enjoy regular work outs in the gym to get my endorphin highs. I love travelling and would consider myself very fortunate to be able to share those jouneys to come with a compatible significant other. I must say, there is something endearing about watching couples in airports jetting off on holiday together.

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About CarpeDatem

5' 5"
Marital status 
Have children? 
Yes, living away
Want children? 
Definitely don't want any (more)

Personality & Interests

Adventurous, Caring, Energetic, Independent

CarpeDatem is looking for

Who am I looking for?

Not looking for a frivolous relationship nor marriage but potential for long term companionship.
I am physically fit and having someone to share an energetic lifestyle would be great too.
Someone with good values and beliefs but with a boyish side to bring out the girl in me sometimes :)
A good work/life balance so that we can indulge in spontaneous travel pursuits.
Life is a rollercoaster adventure and having a partner in crime to share that ride would be priceless!
With trust in the magic of new beginnings, I'm hopeful for a serendipitous crossing of paths.
There has got to be a physical attraction and other than that, the qualities I value in a man are - loyalty, humility, empathy, being attentive and fun....

PS..And, gentlemen..if you have nothing to hide then there has to be a profile photo available. Don't see the point otherwise, after all it's a dating site!

49 - 65
Caring, Easy Going, Independent

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