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Aman S
42, Sikh, Punjabi Jatt
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I'm from Leicester and work in the private health care sector and have been for the last 12 years. I'm very passionate about my job as it can be rewarding and everyday presents with a new challenge.

I would describe myself as a quietly confident person and believe in having a positive outlook on life (Life is too amazing for drama). I am not really a gym fanatic however i enjoy the long walks in the nature, I've always had an interest in crafts and love reading in order to wind down. Definitely would like to travel more and explore, favourite place so far is Dubai been 3 times. Love spending time with family and friends and going out for nice meal.

I'm looking for someone who's jatt and from a Sikh background only!!! and looking to settle down. Someone who's like minded and have a positive outlook on life.

Feel free to message if you like to know more!

Good Luck

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About Aman S

5' 10"

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39 - 49

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