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41, Hindu, Gujarati
University, Leisure/ tourism
Looking For: A serious relationship
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I'm Asha; a fun loving, sassy and quirky girl looking to find her better half (hopefully) So why me? Quite simply because I'm me... What you see is what you get; those closest to me would class me as a true-to-my-self, honest (maybe a bit too honest at times which isn't always a good thing!) and family-orientated girl. I have been blessed with a virtuous upbringing, largely due to my grandparents and parents with the added love and support of having an extended family around me; to me that makes me richer than a millionaire. Family to me always come first and through the growing up in the large family network I have, I have always been encouraged to find myself; to be individual yet grounded, work hard and strive to achieve the best at whatever I do; whether that be cooking a simple meal (which to be totally honest isn't one of my finest traits but I do try!), furthering my education and building my career. My career is incredibly important to me; I've worked hard to get where I am and successful at that too. I work in the city for a travel company as a Product Manager and am enjoying it very much. In my short life I have travelled to many places (one of my hobbies) and my favourite place that I visit often is Dubai J I have a clear vision of how I'd like my career to pan out and hope that I can find someone just as ambitious who shares such visions that we can support each other to succeed further and realise our ambitions together.
Communication and trust, I believe are two very important ingredients in nurturing any relationship and judging by what those closest say about me, these are two qualities which I hold. I believe these qualities have played an huge part in helping me becoming not just the successful woman I am in my career but the caring daughter, sister, friend, foi and masi that I am to my family and friends. I enjoy socialising at every opportunity, feel that I'm easy to get on with and always up for a laugh.

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About Asha11

5' 0"
Yes, vegetarian
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Single Never Married
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Playing Sports, The Outdoors, Travel
Dining Out, Pubs, Television, Watching Sports

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38 - 46

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