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46, Hindu, Gujarati
Postgraduate, Finance/ Insurance
Looking For: A serious relationship
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Rather than list a hundred similar things that you've already read on thousands of profiles, I'll try and provide some snippets !

I'm adventurous, love to travel, am a certified scuba diver, learning how to play the guitar, play lots of racquet sports, like to keep fit (but not obsessively) and love astronomy, cosmology and science. I like to go out and explore new places but equally love staying in and watching trashy tv or box sets, each has it's own place and time. I love watching fascinating documentaries about anything and everything, we can never know too much. Though I embrace both Eastern and Western cultures, I don't really consider myself to be very traditional or religious but know more than enough (culture, writing, speaking fluently etc) to keep the elders happy ! I have a fairly dry sense of humour (I think!) and am always smiling ! Relationships matter to me more than family and hopefully in most cases they are intertwined but people always come first regardless. My TV and music tastes are long, deep and extremely diverse, from comedies to thrillers and 80s to modern pop, anything good and basically it's on my radar !

I don't really do the whole social media thing as I don't find the need to tell the internet everything. Hence I don't use stalkbook so you're gonna have to work a bit to get to know what/who I had for lunch, dinner etc by doing it the old fashioned way armed with a dirty mac, a thermos and military grade spy equipment including a pair of night vision goggles..... I also am not obsessed with my phone so you'll never see me with it on a dinner table or in the company of other people when socialising, in fact rarely at all. It has a function but unlike some people I don't tend to view it to be as important as the oxygen molecule that we breathe and neither am I particularly enamoured with rubbing my fingers over a glass screen all day pretending that my finger is a miniature window cleaner. In short, my phone does not complete me.....

Likes - Nandos sauce ; Potato waffles with cheese, chilli and lemon ; a smile :-)

Pet hates - I'm actually pretty easygoing so it takes a helluva lot to get me riled but these come close to being mildly annoying :

People who don't observe personal space boundaries (esp on trains) - if you're that close and I can smell your shampoo (or lack thereof) then you'd better be writing me a rent cheque or making me breakfast the next morning..... :-)

Manners and ego - saying a simple thank you or sorry won't catapult you off your throne/high horse, your ego can take it, trust me.

TV shows - that show adverts of the show you're currently watching during the ad breaks ! wt? you had me at "previously on....." that's why I'm watching, what else would you like ? my first born ?!

Grammar and spelling - People who can't be bothered to spell or don't know the difference between where/were or your/you're !

People who wait at the tills until everything is scanned and then react with surprise when asked to pay, cue a 5 min frantic forage into the abyss of their bag to find their card ! What did you expect was going to occur at the end of this little interaction that you've encountered hundreds of times ? You both engage in some form of bartering perhaps ? :-)

Those who find it acceptable to act like judge, jury and executioner sitting behind the comfort of a device. Let the law of the land decide, else maybe you'd be more comfortable in a less developed country :-). Trial by Jury not Tw*tter.

Overuse of lols and text speak. Enough said.

So here comes the serious science bit - concentrate....! (if you got that reference, give yourself an internet high five for growing up in the best decade ever ! ) :-)

I aim to follow a sense of morals and integrity in everything in my life and always like to strive to do the right thing however difficult it may be. But at the same time, I'm pretty open-minded and never like to impose my views or beliefs on others, each to their own, we just need to respect that and get over it. Am very ambitious but also don't lose sight of what I'm working for- to enjoy life, learn and be a decent human being. I consider myself to be extremely loyal, caring and resourceful and would do anything and beyond for those close to me. I also strongly believe in helping others whenever I can without having or feeling the need to get something out of it in return, as that's not the point, nothing bad ever comes out of doing something good.

Ok, thats quite enough, you're prob on the edge of contracting "profilitis" and I think now there's a real danger of this long drivel ending up as an addendum to War and Peace.....! Anything that piques your interest, feel free to get in touch, else good luck to you !

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About Neuron22

5' 10"
Yes, vegetarian
Rather not say
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Single Never Married
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Senior management

Personality & Interests

Adventurous, Ambitious, Analytical, Caring, Confident, Decisive, Determined, Easy Going, Energetic, Generous, Imaginative, Independent, Liberal, Optimistic, Patient, Sociable, Spontaneous, Supportive
Finance Professional
General Interests 
Helping Others, Playing Sports, Reading, The Outdoors, Travel, Writing
Dining Out, Movies, Television, Theatre, Watching Sports
Musical Tastes 
Classical, Disco, Easy Listening, Indian Music, Pop, R and B, Rap, Rock, Soul, World Music

Neuron22 is looking for

I'm looking for someone who is kind, honest and easygoing with a sense of humour. I really don't ascribe much weight to the age, background, level of education, family etc as I find these concepts fairly clinical, the individual and their morality is far more important. Above all I'd like to meet someone whose natural state is a happy one, has the ability to laugh at anything (including themselves - if you can't, then call me, I'll laugh at you..... :-)) and who can act like a 12yr or 30yr old in equal measure ! But also who does not necessarily have the same personality or interests as me and can challenge me intellectually and expand my horizons, someone to give my life balance.

37 - 47
Analytical, Easy Going, Generous, Liberal, Sociable

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