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48, Sikh, Punjabi Jatt
University, Own business
Looking For: Let's see what happens
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A self-motivated health conscious foodie. High-intensity Insanity workouts are fun. Discovering and acquiring new knowledge can be an excellent source of inspiration and motivation.
Being a passionate DIY enthusiast, my reliable Dewalt cordless drill has never failed me whenever I needed it. It's always there for me. In sickness and in health, in joy and in sorrow, drilling and screwing like there's no tomorrow (insert side-eye emoji).
Having studied Maths and dealt with the logic of quantity, structure, space, and change.... using symbols, numbers, and formulas to describe and solve problems in a precise and logical manner I still don't know why I have a fear of pineapples.
I may have a knack for turning a blank canvas into a masterpiece with my impressive drawing and painting skills, and I've even had the honor of having one of my pieces showcased on TV.
As I'm not expecting to find my soul mate, my collection of Air Jordan's are my true sole mate, I'm hoping to find someone who can make me laugh and help me grow as a person. I believe in the old-fashioned notion that men should make the first move, but don't let that stop you from saying hi. And who knows, we could be the perfect pair... "An athlete cannot run with money in his pockets. He must run with hope in his heart and dreams in his head".

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If you're a fan of basketball feel free to move in with me.

About Daddyof2witha6pack

5' 9"
Dress for the occasion
Religious practice 

Personality & Interests

Caring, Imaginative, Organised, Sociable
Currently working with children
General Interests 
Cooking, Gym, Helping Others, Reading
Watching Sports
Musical Tastes 
House, Indian Music
Other Interests 
Maybe I've been too naive, maybe I've been too generous, maybe I've been too kind, maybe I know too much about French braid, maybe I know too little about politics, maybe I've been too patient, maybe I've been too tolerant. Maybe I've been an idealist.... One thing is for sure, I can offer you a mind-blowing, mouth watering, knee-trembling, breathtaking, awesome rush-to-the-head-inducing bite ....of my homemade vanilla cheesecake. Que sera, sera. Thank you for reading. All the best.

Daddyof2witha6pack is looking for

Someone that I can 'feel' without touching (aaaah). Ingenuous eyes & an infectious smile.

I accept full liability for the content of this profile and for the consequence(s) of any actions taken on the basis of the information provided.

Disclaimer: In the event that your appearance differs significantly from your profile picture, I kindly request that you treat me to drinks or desserts.

18 - 45
Easy Going, Optimistic

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