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Raise a hand
43, Hindu, Punjabi
University, Doctor/Medical
Looking For: A serious relationship
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This is not just a profile, but a game all rolled into one, it’s called “raise a hand” and the rules are very simple:
1. Raise a hand to each statement that applies.
2. Make sure you actually physically raise your hand.
3. Don’t overthink the answer, should be knee-jerk lightning quick responses.
Dating websites - raise a hand if you ever thought no way that’ll never be me...I think that’s everyone but here we are....awks (never used that word before).
Raise a hand if you’re still waiting for Prince Charming on a white horse to sweep you off your feet (why white I’m going to change it to brown)...sorry to break it to you....never gonna happen unless you’re trapped in some weird Disney type movie and even those are more politically correct these days.
Raise a hand if the 10 year old you thought you’d have life all figured out by your age and found “the one”
Raise a hand if you love traveling.
Raise a hand if you love spending time with friends and family.
Raise a hand if you’re looking for someone with a good sense of humour.
Raise a hand if you’re a good mix of eastern and western.
Raise a hand if you’d like to get to know me better.
If you raised your hand to the last one (even if it was a mistake or a twitch), it’s a legally binding contract so go on get messaging ;)......I have spies everywhere. Seriously get typing!!

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I picked a silly user name and now I can't change it :(

About Raise a hand

5' 5"
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Rather not say
Facial hair 
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Marital status 
Single Never Married
Have children? 
Want children? 
Definitely want some/more
Religious practice 
Income level 
Rather not say
Seniority level 
Rather not say

Personality & Interests

Caring, Determined, Easy Going, Generous, Patient
Medical Doctor
General Interests 
Art Galleries , Museums, Reading, Travel
Concerts, Dining Out, Movies, Television, Theatre, Watching Sports

Raise a hand is looking for

So what am I looking for? Difficult to say really, I don’t have any specific checklists - sometimes you don’t know what you’re looking for until you’ve found it, initial attraction can be important - but for me a person becomes more or less attractive depending on their personality What I have learnt is that people are full of surprises and sometimes you get on with the person you’d least expect. So I guess the question is will you take a chance on me? - everyone has a story to tell, I’ll tell you mine if you tell me yours!

23 - 40
Hindu, Sikh

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