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How to keep your Pet happy during Fireworks

Thursday, November 2nd, 2023

This time of year Fireworks may seem like a fun activity and taking your date to a fireworks display can also be a great opportunity to share an experience, cuddle in the cold or seek out a cheeky kiss.

But if you have a dog or other pet, it can be a scary time.

Keeping your pet happy is important

Think about whether it is OK to leave your animal at home when there are fireworks outside. They may need you at home if they are likely to be scared or nervous.

What Can you do to help your pet?

Play your dog Firework sounds

Some say soothe your dog or offer treats so they associate fireworks with treats. But the best tip is to acclimatise your pet by playing them firework sounds through your sound system all year round. There are plenty of videos of fireworks on YouTube.

Play these sounds gently at first and during normal activities like meal times, cuddle times or during a game of fetch. With any luck they will ignore the sounds completely. You can then gradually turn the sound up.

Search on Youtube for “Firework Sounds” “Firework Desensitizing Sounds for Dogs” etc.

I have found this to be a really helpful strategy. My dog completely ignores fireworks.

Happy Pet – you can then enjoy Firework night with your date.

Happy dating.