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Our big Valentine’s Parties are on Sale!

Monday, January 19th, 2015

We’re delighted to announce our Valentine’s Parties are live for booking



We are running very special balls – one in London and one in Birmingham.


The Birmingham Ball is on the 7th February at a wonderful new venue – the Manhattan Suite at the Broadway Casino

The London Ball will take  place on Saturday 14th February at the Kensington Close Hotel in London.

We are doing our best to ensure this will be the biggest, best party we’ve ever had so we are pulling out all the stops. We’ve got lots of entertainment planned for each one and we are also asking our guests to dress up.

We will as usual have optional speed dating included and great hosts to introduce you.

You can find out more about each party on the website.

If you’ve already got your ticket then we look forward to seeing you then. If not, do be quick as over half the tickets have already gone!

See you there,

James, Paul and Meera

Asian Dating: How to make sure you find love in 2015

Monday, January 12th, 2015

Are you fed up being single?  It’s a new year so there are new opportunities.


As we head into the the new year it’s time once again to start making our resolutions.

For some this is to lose weight, stop smoking or to finally meet a partner.  If this is you then you have definitely

come to right place!

Here are our top five tips for you to give your love life a kickstart.


1) Book an Asian Dating Event.   This is your biggest opportunity to get yourself out there and start meeting potential matches in the real world. We’ve already got several listed for you to book on the website. This includes the biggest of them all – the Asian Valentine’s Ball.

2) Try Online Dating.   The start of the year is the busiest time for most dating sites and ours is no exception.  There will be more new faces than at any other time of year and they are just waiting for your to reach out and say hello.

3) Remember it’s not just you.  Most singles can feel a bit lonely at the start of a new year, but that’s absolutely normal. There are millions making exactly the same resolution as you.

4) Take Responsibility.  It’s your choice whether you are single or not.  Don’t blame anyone or anything else.  Yes, that includes the weather, your income and how incredibly busy you are.

5) Take action!   The only way to achieve what you want is to make sure you do something about it.  Make sure you have a clear defined plan about what you want and how you are going to do it. If you don’t you’ll find yourself in the same situation at the beginning of next year too.

If you need any help or advice then please remember we are always here.  Drop us a message at [email protected]  and we’ll be happy to do what you can.

Happy dating and good luck!

James Preece

Happy New Year Goodbye 2014

Sunday, January 4th, 2015



Goodbye 2014 – Let 2015 be your year for dating success. Here are our top 3 tips for success with

1. Load some Amazing Images

Your photo is the first thing people see.

Didn’t everyone say how fantastic you looked at the last wedding or family celebration you went to?

Why not use those images or similar, to impress the men on this site.

Main photo must be a head shot. Supplement that with some full length shots, and an action shot so people can see how you spend your spare time.

2. Write an inspiring profile description.

It can be hard to be original but it is vital that you tell others why they should contact you, and what you are offering.

Everyone likes going out, nights in and spending time with their family, so say something else. Tell others about an unusual hobby or interest. Desribe your profession in an interesting way.

3. Message Message Message

You know the phrase location location location. Well Online dating is all about Message Message Message.

Read the other persons profile, get them excited by asking a question about something they are passionate about.

Aim to contact a minimum of 10 men that you have chosen per session until you start getting responses. Do not rely on Mr perfect spotting your profile.

Keep your options open and embrace opportunity. It is hard to love a dating profile, but meeting in person and sharing time together can be a wonderful start to a relationship.


Do not forget to tell us about your dating success stories.

Good Luck