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Height – the long and short of it

Monday, November 28th, 2011

Height is often a very import factor in dating.

But does being taller really get more success?

I often see very tall women wearing high heels at singles parties, then complaining that the men are too short.  So for Asian men, it can be tough to find a match. I really don’t think that someones height should be an issue.  Do a few inches here or there make that much of a difference if you’ve got chemistry?  Of course, if you are a very tall women then you are going to find it more difficult to date if you are seeking someone significantly taller than you.

So why are taller men in such great demand and do the facts back it up?

There’s a thought process that taller men are perceived as more sexually attractive and likely to produce more children. Interestingly enough,  men seem to prefer shorter women.  Those under 5ft 3 are statistically more likely to be married than those of average height or more. So that’s why men and women haven’t evolved to be the same height.

A study this week showed that women who marry men of average height are more likely to have children.  This goes against all previously held beliefs and could perhaps dispel the myth that tall men are more likely to be better breeders.  The suggestion was that this could be that men of average height tend to get married sooner than others.  So the longer you’ve been married then the more chance of having kids.

It’s an interesting study.  What do you think about it all?  We’d like to hear your thoughts, so please do add a comment on this blog.

Good luck!

James Preece – The Dating Guru

Dating Guru’s Mailbag – Flirting

Monday, November 21st, 2011

Here’s another question for the Dating Guru

Is Flirting bad?

“Dear James, I’ve also been brought up to believe that flirting is manipulative and deceiving.  Therefore I make a point of avoiding it. What do you think about it all? ”


Many thanks for your question.  I love to try and help as many Asian Single Solution members as possible. I’ve head other people wondering about this same subject.

First of all, flirting is certainly not about trying to manipulate anyone.  It’s about making them feel good and making their day just a little bit better.  It’s not about trying to be someone you aren’t, but rather about relaxing and enjoying life a little more.  Everyone can flirt – just look at any baby or toddler and watch how they get attention.  However, it’s something many of us forget as we grow up.

Flirting is an essential part of dating and without it you’ll really struggle to come across as warm and friendly.  It’s all about being playful and interacting with the other person in a gentle and entertaining way.

If you’d like any help with flirting, then get in touch with me directly and perhaps we can arrange a one to one coaching session.

Alternatively, if you have your own dating related question that you’d like me to answer then please do drop me a line at the email address below.   The best questions will be answered right here in this blog.

Happy dating!

James Preece  – The Dating Guru

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The Ex Factor

Sunday, November 13th, 2011

Are you letting your partners ex get in the way?

Stop making this big dating mistake!


We’ve all got a dating past.  So why do so many people allow it cause problems and get in the way of new relationships?

The biggest issue is that it’s easy to feel second best and to compare yourself to their ex.  You might wonder if you are good enough or if they might come back on the scene and spoil things.

Remember that if they still wanted to be together then they would be. But they aren’t and your partner has chosen to be with you.  So you’ve won the prize.  What’s the point in feeling you have to continue to compete?

The only time a conversation about an ex is useful is when you talk about what went wrong.  If you find out the reason they broke up then you can avoid making the same mistakes.  We all do things wrong but the big secret is to learn from them and not repeat the same errors.
Good luck!


James Preece – The Dating Guru


Latest Feedback and Success Stories October 2011

Sunday, November 6th, 2011

Here are our latest batch of success stories from late September to October 2011. If you have your own please let us know so we can share it!


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