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Dating through the Coronavirus Crisis

Wednesday, March 18th, 2020

You must be very concerned about how the current Coronavirus – Covid-19 threat is going to affect your every day life and the impact this will have on your relationships.

With social distancing encouraged by the Government it does make meeting new people safely more difficult.

Above all, we remain here for you to meet and chat safely to new people through our website and Iphone App. With everyone encouraged to stay at home, there has never been more need to reach out and chat to people online.

Use Video Chat

We don’t intend to repeat the Government safety advice, but just offer some practical tips on dating safely.

How Can you Date Safely?

  1. As always we advise chatting on our platform that is why it is there. Stay on site until you both feel comfortable to swap contact details.
  2. Once details have been exchanged, you could switch to a phone call. There seems little point going on Whatsapp just for text chat as that is similar to what we offer. Arrange a time to call then take time to get to know each other. Normally, we would suggest a short call then arrange to meet but with the current situation an extended chat might be perfect.
  3. Utilise Video calling such as Skype, Whatsapp, Facetime. Set up a time and place where you feel comfortable. Prepare as you would for any date, by getting your drink ready and doing your hair nicely. Choose a suitable backdrop, so sitting in the loo probably isn’t a good idea.
  4. If you do decide to meet up, choose somewhere airy and preferably meet outdoors. Get a coffee and sit outside where you can maintain some distance. Or go for a walk.
  5. It’s OK not to shake hands or touch on the first meeting. If it goes well and you get to know each other over a few days then you can both assess if you are feeling fine and want to take it further. The rest is at your own risk.
  6. Always ensure you always wash your hands and if you are feeling unwell, it is OK to cancel or reschedule. It is also OK to wear gloves. Avoid face masks as they offer limited protection according to the press and obviously hide your face. Avoid touching your face at all.
  7. Just because you know someone well, does not mean they are not carrying the virus. Social distancing means 2m from any other person. This clearly is difficult when you want to hug or kiss your partner. Be considerate by taking precautions with your own health and safety. If you know you have been careful or stayed at home then there is a lower risk for your partner.
  8. Above all, use the Online Chat facility offered by AsianSingleSolution. This is totally safe from viruses!

If you meet up, tell someone where you are going


All events are on hold until the crisis has passed.

N.B. This is not expert advice and we are not claiming to be experts on the Coronavirus, Covid 19. You must consider what is right for you and always follow Government advice.