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Top 5 Reasons why our Asian Dating parties work

Monday, June 27th, 2011

We know that our members love our singles parties.

Here are five of the best reasons why you should come and meet them.

1) High quality guests.  Our Muslim dating site is aimed at British born, Asian Muslim professionals. As such, the calibre is very high and everyone is there to genuinely meet someone for a relationship or marriage.

2) Friendliest Staff. We hire the best hosts in the business.  There are warm, approachable, knowledgeable and there to help YOU. If you every have a question, need some advice or want some introductions that all you need to do it ask them.

3) The best venues.  We put a lot of effort into making sure that we only use fantastic venues that suit our events.  We make sure that drinks prices are reasonable yet the locations are stylish.  They are always exclusively hired out to us and in easy to get to London locations.

4) Fair prices.  Our events are very affordable and offer excellent value for money.  Most events are usually around the £15 mark and all Premium Members get 50% off the events for them and there friends too. If you meet 20 people then that works out at less than 40p a date!

5) They don’t end once the party is over.  If you attend an event, we give you two weeks to use our online messaging service to contact everyone you met. We don’t have useless tick boxes that restrict who you can email.  Instead, you can view photos and profiles and get the chance to get in touch with anyone that you wish.

Do book an event soon and see why our events our so popular.

Good luck!

James Preece – The Dating Guru

The Photos on your site are not Clear

Friday, June 10th, 2011

Occasionally people ask us why their photos are not clear on the website. Invariably the reason for this is that the original image was of poor quality or low resolution.

Our website offer photos in three sizes as follows. These are pictures of me from an original image that was 1Mb

80x80 Thumbnail as used in search. Typically 9k

Normal Resolution as used in Profile view. 120x120 Pixels. Typically 20k

Enlarged image from Photo Album. 300x300 Pixels. Typically 60k to 80k

As you can see, the enlarged image is 300×300 pixels, and about 90k. So if your original image is of lower resolution than this, say about 60k, then the website is going to struggle to create an image that is 300×300.

Some people upload images that are already compressed, e.g. into thumbnails of 10k. Thumbnails are just for viewing large numbers of images on one page, and are not suitable for uploading.

Here is what happens when I upload the above image, starting as a thumbnail of just 9k.

Thumbnail. Looks OK because its similar size to the original.

Normal size. Starting to look fuzzy because the site had to create an image of 15k, which is larger than the original.

Full size. Looks awful, because the site had to create a 60k image from a 9k original photo


Top Tips

1. Upload images that are at least 100k.  Due to uploading delays, the site will allow images upto 2Mb.

2. If your image is over 2Mb, then you must crop or reduce the size of the file.

3. Remember, your main photo must be a clear headshot.

4. We recommend a selection of photos for your album including a full body shot (not naked!) so people can see what you look like.


Dating Advice by Paul Ergatoudis


Important: Remember our Dress Code

Wednesday, June 1st, 2011

As a professional site, we have a strict dress code for the events.

Please take a moment to read our policy.

We have to enforce our dress code policy at all our events due a few members letting the side down.

Well it’s quite simple really.  Just wear something comfortable that is somewhere between smart, that you might wear to work or to a wedding, and casual pub gear.

The idea is to get noticed and so if you lean towards glamorous, that is fine too and  it’s unlikely that you can over dress as long as you feel comfortable.

We do insist that our guests don’t wear trainers, workboots, t-shirts or shorts.

Guide for Men

For men this might mean, cords, smart non-blue jeans or chinos and casual shirt with a collar but no tie. A jacket is a bonus and may help compensate for blue jeans. Shoe choice is important. Brogues, slip ons or off-black colours such as brown would be perfect but black is fine too. Big no-nos would be trainers, collarless t-shirts,  tracksuits. Anything with a slogan on would be considered too casual. Suit and tie is great if you feel comfortable, but the tie is probably not needed. To ensure you look like you made an effort all clothes should of course be clean and pressed.

Guide for Women

For ladies there is a little more flexibility as ladies have the option to wear less to look sexy, whereas for men, this just isn’t an option. For example if you have the figure for it you’ll look great in a cocktail dress and heels. Most people might opt for a more conservative look with Smart slacks or skirt and blouse. Non-blue jeans are fine but blue jeans are not ideal unless you offset with smart shoes and top. No-nos would be trainers, sports wear or baggy tops with slogans.

These rules apply for our singles parties but also are very important when going out on dates too.  Studies have shown that 70% of singles would chose not to see someone again if they dressed badly on a first date.

We hate turning guests away from events, especially once they’ve already booked and turned up at the venue. So make sure you follow the guidelines here.

These are also the conditions of many of our venues too, which might be smart bars, hotels or restaurants.

Happy dating

James and Paul