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Asian Matrimonials UK Wedding Traditions

Wednesday, December 15th, 2021

Asian matrimonials are wonderful, joyous occasions. These matrimonial ceremonies provide a great opportunity to gather with friends and family to celebrate love and happiness. A period of time that can last a day or over multiple days where two become one. 

Wedding Traditions for Sikhs and Hindus

In this blog post, we will cover what anyone can expect from a Sikh and or Hindu wedding, what are the general customs that are observed? How do you decide between a traditional or more modern wedding and where should the weddings take place. 

The first part of Sikh wedding ceremonies is known as an Anand Jaraaj whereas Hindu wedding ceremonies usually take place over a couple of days at a chosen residence or house.  

What are Asian Matrimonials?

An Asian Matrimonial is a religious ceremony like a wedding, specifically for South Asian cultures and religions such as Hinduism, Sikhism, Islam and Buddhism. 

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Sikh Wedding Traditions

Depending on the wedding you want, Sikhs can have a simplified or big lavish wedding as long as all of the distinct religious traditions are upheld. 

The ceremony of joy or Anand Karaj is the first thing to take place within a Sikh wedding and takes place in the place of worship, the Gurdwara.

During the Anand Karaj, guests and members of the couples family sing shabads from the scriptures. In modern times these are translated into English for guests.

The Barat part of the ceremony is where the groom meets the bridge family within the Gurdwara.

There are more traditions further into the ceremony that you can see at

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Clothing at Sikh Weddings

You can wear a variety of different clothes however during the morning ceremony at the Gurdwara you must dress in a modern fashion, remove any footwear and cover your head.

During the evening ceremonies, you can choose a more modern dress and less modestly allowing for an evening of dancing, food and fun. 

Hindu Wedding Traditions

Some Hindu wedding traditions include but are not limited to: The Sangeet, a gathering of family and friends where people sing and dance, Henna for the bride’s hands & feet as well as the vara yatra or the celebration of the groom arriving at the ceremony. 

The Red Sari

Traditionally Hindu brides adorn a red dress or sari that has been embroidered with golden accents, however, in modern times brides have been known to forego this tradition in favour of a slew of pastel colours and or floral prints.

Wearing a red sari or dress symbolises commitment and fertility within the usual tradition. 

The Mandap

The Mandap is a structure built and decorated just before the wedding. It is usually highly decorated and elevated with seats on either side for both the bride and grooms parents. 

During the ceremony a fire is kept in the centre of the Mandap, this is usually holy fire and is used as a witness for the marriage. 

The Mandap is considered the centrepiece of a Hindu wedding. 

How long does a Hindu Wedding Last?

A traditional Hindu wedding usually takes place over 3 days these consist of Day 1, The Ganesh Puja, followed by a family gathering. Day 2 is the Grah Shanti a larger pre-wedding ritual that invites Ganesha into the home to bring happiness and remove any obstacles in the way of the couple. Day 3 consists of the actual Wedding and an evening celebration where all guests are invited.

If you are a guest at a Hindu wedding or someone’s date you may be invited to all 3 days or just one. As time has gone on some couples have been known to have weddings that last up to 5 days.

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