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Chat Attack

Thursday, March 31st, 2011

Join us on Wednesday at 9pm for our next Chat-Attack

On a typical night we have 2000 users logging on but at different times. Hence there might only be 300 at one time, either using chat or ready to use chat.

Chat Online at

Meet up to 500 people online Wednesday 9pm

Sometimes it can be hard to find the people you want online. So, we thought that if we set a time for everyone to go online, then it would be like creating an amazing party. Well, almost! You can chat to up to two people at a time.

So, make sure you are logged in at 9pm Wednesdays.

If you are  a Premium Plus member you can request to chat with anyone. If you are a Premium member you can initiate a chat with other Premium or PremiumPlus members.

If you are basic user CLICK HERE to upgrade now. Or you can sit in the corner and hope someone finds you.

Why is it called Chat-Attack? Well mainly because it rhymes! Think of it as an ‘Attack’ on our servers. We’ve just put in masses of new memory and processing power, so we want to test it to the limit. ;-)

What is chat for? – Its important to realise that chat is really for fun online flirty entertainment purposes only. The chances that the love of your life will be online at the same time as you are generally slim. So don’t expect that! If it happens great, let us know.

See you online on Wednesday.


Paul Ergatoudis


N.B. Chat is still a bonus feature under test, so please don’t shout at us if it breaks!

How to join a conversation

Monday, March 28th, 2011

In today’s blog we cover a topic that many people find difficult.

It’s especially relevant if you plan to attend one of our singles parties.

If you are at a social event and don’t know many people it can be hard to join a conversation.  They all seem to be having a lovely time but you feel like you are on the edge, looking in.

So here are my Dating Guru tips to help make this easier for you.

1)  Find a friend.  It’s a lot easier to break into a group if you have a wing man/woman with you.   So pair up with someone else in the same situation and stick together for a while.

2) Arrive early.  it can be tempting to turn up late to a party so you can sneak in as unoticed as possible.  However, by that time the other guests will have formed little groups and already bonded.  By arriving early you can have a headstart on everyone else and have first choice in talking to new arrivals.

3) Don’t worry about being on your own.  If you find yourself on your own then don’t panic, just take minutes to reflect and enjoy your own company.  Go up to the bar and buy a drink and you’ll soon get the chance to meet new people.

4) Smile.  This is the single most important thing you can do.  If you stand around looking miserable then nobody will want you to talk to them.  Look like a warm, friendly person and groups will welcome your positive vibes.

5) Don’t forget that all the Asian Single Solution parties have lots of great hosts to help you. Have a quiet word and say you’d like some help and they’ll do their best to make some useful, discreet introductions.


Good luck!

James Preece – The Dating Guru

Chat Feature Update

Sunday, March 27th, 2011

Hi all,

Everything was working so well, I forgot to up date the blog.

We fixed our technical issues and added some extra memory and processor power to our servers. The site and chat feature is all now working brilliantly and super fast.

Log in now and have a play. You can see who is online when you do a search.

Dont forget to check out your new SmartMatches.


FootNote – Chat is just a bonus part of your membership as it’s still in beta testing.  That means its not part of our contract with you and could be removed or suspended in the future. We obviously hope this wont happen though!



Young, Single and Hindu/Sikh TV Show

Monday, March 21st, 2011

Are you under 30, Hindu or Sikh and looking for a partner?

An exciting new TV show is looking for you!

We’ve been approached by a television production company to help find people for a new television documentary.  If you’d like to be involved, please let us know asap.  This could be a great opportunity to meet someone amazing and will also be good publicity for the Asian Single Solution

About the Show

We are currently producing a new documentary series for BBC Three which will be exploring the subject of courtship and marriage amongst several different religions. The series will aim to give the audience an informed and educated insight into the traditions and values of each faith as well as observing and following a person on their quest to find their life-long partner. We also want to learn about the people who are involved in assisting young people and their families, when making this important decision.

Within the series, we will aim to give an understanding about the practices of each faith, as well as give a light-hearted and enlightening view of contemporary, multi-cultural British life.

We would like to make the series both accurate and balanced but through the views and experiences of people practicing Sikhism/Hinduism.

We are in the early stages of production currently. We have scheduled to start filming from May onwards. The entire filming process will continue over a period of 4 months, as we follow our main characters who will form the main aspect of the programme.

We would be keen to gain an insight into the current dating scene and the support that is being given to people within the Asian communities, specifically Hindu and Sikh communities.  We will of course be treating this extremely sensitively and in the manner that you will be happy.


If you’d like to find out more then please drop me an email to  [email protected]

I’ll then forward it to the production team.

Thanks for reading!

James Preece – The Dating Guru

Successful Server Upgrade

Monday, March 14th, 2011

At 2pm  today, Tuesday 14th March,  our hosting company successfully upgraded our main server. This involved a short down time of about 20 minutes.

The sites should now be quicker during peak times, and you will now be able to better enjoy browsing the site and using our advanced features.

Please do feedback to us if you experience any issues.

Your friends or your date?

Monday, March 14th, 2011

Today’s blog is all about that common problem everyone faces.

How do you juggle your dating and social life?


It’s a common scenario and happens to us all.  If you don’t have a partner you’ll probably have experienced this will friends who have met someone.

When you were single, it was fun to call up your friends and hang out together.  You’d share problems, jokes and stories together and would always “be there” for each other.

However, you’re now in a relationship and you don’t have time for them anymore.    You do your best to see your friends but something always comes up.  On the rare times you do get together your partner raises concerns and complains about it, so you end up seeing them less and less.  If you see too much of your friends it can lead to jealousy or suspicion.

So what can you do about it?

1) Remember that your friends were there when you were single and will be there for you if you ever are again.  So always keep in touch and let them know they are still important to you.  Send them birthday and Christmas cards and send them short emails and texts when you get a free moment.

2) Don’t let your Partner make you choose between your friends and them.  Your friends should always take priority, at least in the early days of a relationship.

3) Spend time with BOTH your partner and your friends together.  That way they’ll get to know each other and build rapport.  The more they get on then the more you’ll keep them happy.

4) Introduce your friends to them gradually, not all at once.  That way you won’t overwhelm them or make it feel too pressured.

5) Agree limits.  Have one night a week, or fortnight, when you both see your friends.  Set a time limit so you’ll be home by midnight to see each other and you won’t be endlessly worrying about what they might be up to.

Happy dating!

James Preece – The Dating Guru

Smart Matches

Sunday, March 13th, 2011

Dear users,

You may have noticed a new link called SmartMatches in our top navigation bar.

Using scientific analysis we are now able to offer you recommendations based on your activity and the activity of other users.

We can only make these suggestions if you are actually using the site. So click on the profiles you like, and send lots of messages and winks etc. By measuring which other people also like those profiles, we can identity profiles that you may have missed out on. We can also guide you to which profiles our members believe are similar to the profile you are viewing.
Why not jump into the site now, and have a play. If you are not getting any Smart Matches, then you just need to start using the site and in a few days your matches should appear.

Enjoy these features and let us know what you think.



Dating Question: When is it serious?

Monday, March 7th, 2011

As the Dating Guru, I love to answer all dating questions.

Today I’ll be helping with one of the most recent.

“Dear James,  I’ve been seeing someone for a short while now. We’ve had three dates over the last ten days and things seem to be going really well.  We talk almost every night on the phone and text during the day.  We hold hands on the date and have kissed too, but nothing more yet.  The thing is, I really like them and want us to be an “item”, but I don’t want to scare them off.  How can I found out if the feeling is mutual and if things are serious? Our next date is this weekend.  R”

Dear R,

Many thanks for your message.  I’m pleased things are going well.  You’ve got past the three date barrier which is often the “decider” for a relationship.  The thing to keep in mind though is that while you’ve had lots of contact, it has only been ten days in reality.   I’d suggest you ease up on the contact a tiny bit or you’ll end up “crashing and burning.”  This is where feelings escalate too quickly and you run out of things to do and say.  Leave a little bit of mystery about yourself and they’ll want more.

As for whether things are serious or not,  there’s no harm at all in simply asking.   If they don’t see it as a long term thing then at least you’ll know now.   If they are happy and want to make it official  – which sounds likely – then they are probably just waiting for you to mention it first.  Nobody wants to be the first to bring it up in conversation!

Good luck!

If you have your own dating question you’d like me to answer, email it over to [email protected] with DATING GUR U as the subject.  I’ll answer the best ones here in this blog.

James Preece  – The Dating Guru