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Safety in Numbers

Wednesday, September 29th, 2010

Has anyone ever asked for you phone number and you really felt uneasy about it?

Well there is a simple solution, and its called a ‘Personal Number’.

Your phone number is precious

Here’s how it works.

When you apply you get given a new number beginning 07. Its set up so that any calls to that number are automatically re-directed to your mobile number. Hence you can receive calls but never have to give out your real number.

In the event that you keep getting unwanted calls, you can easily just terminate the re-direction and get  anew personal number.

Of course once you call the other person, you may give the game away so make sure you type 141 before you dial. Most mobiles also allow you to withhold your number.

If you would like to try this, email us with your mobile number [email protected] and we will set it up for you for free.  It will never cost you anything.

We have 10 numbers to start with, so if you;d like one get in touch ASAP.

For the person calling you its slightly more than calling a normal mobile number. Typical charge is 35ppm from a BT landline.

Making a great first impression

Sunday, September 26th, 2010

Last week we told you about last impressions, so this week is all about first ones!


If you want to make a fantastic first impression, stand out from the crowd, build rapport instantly and impress people then there is one thing you need to do above everything else. ….


Yes, this is a painfully obvious tip but it’s one that many many people overlook.  It’s the number rule for flirting but we are amazed that a small number of people come to our events and don’t smile.  Even when we welcome them on the door, they look grumpy and don’t even acknowledge our hellos.  They’ll stand in the corner and look grumpy and this makes it very hard for anyone to approach them.  We realise that this might be because they are nervous, but you really don’t need to be.  You just need to step out of your comfort zone a little and realise that everyone is in the same boat. Remember our hosts are always there to help you.

If you are bit a shy then it’s easy to fake a smile. Think of something that makes you laugh or picture a happy memory. A warm smile will make you seem friendly and confident and instantly puts everyone at ease.  Think these happy thoughts before you enter the venue and you’ll feel so much better.

Just don’t go overboard of you’ll end up looking a little gormless!

James Preece – The Dating Guru

How To Say Goodbye

Monday, September 20th, 2010

The way you say goodbye is just as important as the way you say hello.


We all know we have to work hard to make a fantastic first impression.
We smile warmly, shake hands firmly and put lots of effort into showing an interest, saying
and doing the right things.

But how often do you think about your last impression?

This is the final time you’ll have contact, so you want to make sure you create long lasting
memories that will stick with them long after you’ve parted.  This is especially true when it comes to meeting other guests at singles parties. You’ll meet so many people that you’ll be starting and stopping conversations throughout the evening.

The best thing you can do is to keep the positive feelings flowing.  You can do this by making
them feel good and paying them a small compliment.  It’s easy – just say something along the lines of:

“It was so good to talk to you, Rachel”  or “I just loved chatting with with, John.”

If you have genuinely enjoyed meeting them and want to see them again then you need to make sure you do all you can to help this happen.
I’d advise you to carry business cards with you at all times.   These need to be professionally printed as they’ll be acting as a memento afterwards. The classier they look, then the more likely they’ll want to hang on to them.

If you don’t have business cards, it’s easy to get some made up for a low cost.   They just need to have your name, email address and phone number on them.   The perfect finishing touch is a great photo so they’ll remember who you are.

There’s nothing wrong with making a provisional plan to meet again there and then.   You can say:

“What steps do we have to take to talk again?”

This give them the chance to suggest a date or to exchange numbers. If they give you their own cards or details, then call them up the very next. There’s little point in hanging around trying not to seem too keen.

Always at least attempt to politely exchange contact details.  You won’t have lost anything as there won’t be any way of contacting them afterwards anyway!

Even it you have no intention of chatting again, there’s no harm in sending them away in a good mood.  They’ll be more encourage to go up and approach other people that way.

Good luck!

James Preece – The Dating Guru

Should cheating be forgiven?

Monday, September 13th, 2010

Wayne Rooney, Tiger Woods, Ashley Cole, Peter Crouch, Vernon Kay


Why do some many celebrities cheat?.  It’s either naked photos by text, saucy emails or full blown affairs.  So what makes famous, talented people with beautiful partners go and risk losing everything they have?

But is this just part and parcel of being a celebrity and therefore something we shoudl accept?

It’s a horrible feeling if you find you’ve been cheated on.   Everything you believed turns out to be a lie and you suddenly find you can’t trust or believe anyone ever again.  It’s a truly hideous experience.

Studies predict that “60 percent of men and 40 percent of women will have an extramarital affair.”  That’s a shocking statistic and the more celebrities that get caught will only lead to other men thinking it’s acceptable.  They just want to be like their heroes so follow the examples they might set.

So why is this so common with celebrities?

There can be various reasons that they might justify their behaviour:

1) Constant Pressure

Money, power and privilege can be dangerous to relationship. They are in the public eye so much that women throw themselves at them day in day out, so it gets harder and harder to turn them down. To make things worse, their friends or teammates actively encourage them to play the field.

2) Attention Seeker

Many celebrities crave media attention and need to have their egos constantly stroked. They could even argue that any publicity is good publicity.

3) Sense of Entitlement

Sometimes they believe that they can do what they want as they have earned that right by the very nature of being a “celebrity.”

4) Impunity

Perhaps they cheat because they believe that their spouse will stay with them “no matter what”  just because of who they are and what they might risk losing. This is usually money and media attention.

5) Getting away with it. Each time you cheat and get away with it, the easier it is to do again.

So what do you think?   Should cheating celebrities deserve another chance?  Please take a second to enter our survey –  and do add your own thoughts to this blog.

James Preece – the Dating Guru

Will you be our eyes and ears?

Monday, September 6th, 2010

We have so many lovely members and want you to have fun meeting them.


However, every now and again we find someone not playing by the rules.

This is true on all dating sites and in every aspect of life, but that doesn’t mean we don’t take it seriously.

We really do have to rely on you, our customers, to let us know when someone isn’t behaving on the site.

You are our eyes and ears. While we can monitor messages on our site, it’s out of our hands once you decide to talk on the phone or go on dates.

As you are the ones dating, you are the ones who need to tip us off if you have a bad experience. We don’t tolerate rudeness or offensive behaviour from any of our members and we expect everyone to be respectful and considerate.

If you have a bad experience, please don’t let if put you off. There are 1000s and 1000s of decent people on our website and we’d hate you to miss out on meeting them.

Don’t judge them by the poor behaviour of one individual.

Every day we get wonderful feedbacks which show that our members are not only genuine but meeting partners through our website.

We are NOT a casual dating site, but one that helps bring people together for serious, quality relationships.

So please do let us know if you come across one rotten apple. If they have posted something inappropriate in their profile or aren’t what they seem in real life then we need to know about it. We’ll always suspend ( and ban if necessary) unsuitable people on our sites, especially if we have several complaints.

All you need to do is let us know!

James Preece – The Dating Guru

It has never been a better time to join us

Wednesday, September 1st, 2010

We like to think that we are the leading British Asian dating service. Here is why.

We have grown over 400% since January 2009, now attracting 30,000 individuals to our website every month, making 90,000 visits.


What that means for you is that there has never been a better time to join to find your partner.

In August 2010 our clients viewed 1,331,744 pages, which I think is pretty phenominal. If you have a great profile, with a great photo, we are offering you the best chance of success. We wish to thank you and all of our clients for making the site so successful. Please continue to tell your friends about us as its word of mouth that counts.

If you want more stats, then consider that in August 2010 30,000 individuals used our site. Of those, nearly two thirds used it on 5 separate occasions in August 2010 alone. That means we have serious people looking for serious relationships.

We also continue to have a very even male:female ratio on the database. 51% male and 49% female. Measured as profiles that are visible on the site.

Why are you reading this? Get searching and contact people right now.

Paul and James and the team.