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5 Signs You’ve Found Your Soulmate

Monday, July 23rd, 2018

Relationships are up and down. Even the best relationships still had some negative aspects. This is typical in the dating world. It can also lead people to look for something that goes above and beyond the typical dating experience. Not everyone is looking for their soul mate, but those who are searching tend to put a great amount of effort into the search. If you’re one of those people, it helps to know what you’re looking for. Of course, there is no right or wrong answer for how soul mates interact. The list below is merely a guideline that suggests you’ve found “the one” your soul has been looking for.

1. You are empathetic towards their pain, both physically and emotionally.

Soul mates often feel the pain of one another. If your partner stubs your toe, you may not feel anything. But if your partner loses someone close to them, you’ll experience their loss. If your partner were to get into an accident in the middle of the night, there is a chance you would wake up from a dead sleep, knowing something was wrong. This is the type of connection that soul mates share with one another.

2. You have never met someone who gets you so perfectly.

Your partner understands your jokes and your quirks. The two of you can talk about anything and everything. You may even feel like they physically fit you better than anyone else. Their likes and dislikes are similar to yours and you can share almost everything. You recognize the flaws in them, but see them as quirks instead. They feel the same way about you. The two of you just seem to fit together like peanut butter and jelly.

3. You communicate properly with your partner.

This doesn’t mean the two of you never argue about anything. Even soul mates can get into disagreements. Communicating properly means that a minor disagreement will not become a fight or escalate into something that can’t be repaired. Soul mates find it easier to talk to each other than to anyone else, even when it’s an uncomfortable topic.

4. You are completely comfortable silence.

Although you can communicate well and you talk about everything, the two of you are also comfortable with silence. You can sit together in a room and not feel compelled to fill the silence. You simply enjoy being around each other. You enjoy the vibes. This also means you don’t feel the need to talk constantly when you’re not together. In fact, you can probably go a few days without contacting each other at all and trust that everything is fine.

5. You feel like you’ve found your soul mate.

If you’re intuitive, there’s a good chance you already know you’ve found your soul mate. Something just tells you that this is the right person for you. Maybe you can’t find the words to explain the way you’re feeling. It’s just something you know in your gut. When you find your mind wandering, you find yourself thinking of this person and you’re filled with joy and content. This type of feeling goes beyond love. It means you’ve found your soul mate.

Our Prize Winners

Tuesday, July 3rd, 2018

We recently ran a competition to win £200 and tickets for the  opening night Gala of the London Indian Film Festival plus after party.

Our lucky winners were Nandita C and her friend Monsura M.

The festival was an amazing success and everyone had a wonderful evening.


Thank you to everyone who entered.


James, Paul, Meera and the Team