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Why our parties are special

Monday, November 30th, 2009

We have run hundreds of singles events but it’s a very hard thing to do and it’s a unique skill.  However, sometimes people think it’s easy to run a singles events company.. Just get a venue, round up some guests, charge them to come and you’ll be rich in no time. But the reality is it’s just not that simple. We see new singles events companies come and go every single week. Their first party might work because they’ve got all their friends to attend but what happens for the next one?

Most of the large online dating sites have tried events at some point. used to run Matchlive events and even Dating Direct attempted to run their own events. However, even with their large singles databases they just couldn’t get them to work. In fact, Dating Direct once bought Chemistry who were known for their large mass market events.  But they soon stopped as they keep up the momentum. This is for the simple reason that it’s a very difficult thing to do and they aren’t all that profitable!


If you don’t get the right venues, ratios, staff and activities then you are just asking for trouble. Then you’ve got things like minimum spends and advertising to consider. That’s why we are so proud to be in our 8th year of operation. We’ve worked extremely hard to make sure that we get the formula right and that’s why they are so popular. We continue to reinvent ourselves and try new things out.  In 2009 we’ve had new events such as Casino parties, Wine Tastings, Theatre and Comedy Trips, Manhunts and 2010 will see even more exciting new developments. They aren’t always perfect but that’s the nature of dating. We can control everything except the people who attend.

That’s where we need your help. It’s only by you telling your friends about us that we can continue to grow and get even better. So please, spread the word and we promise to try even harder!

James Preece

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Great First Date Ideas

Tuesday, November 17th, 2009

Based on an unrepresentative sample size of one, i.e. us, here are our top ideas for your first date.

There are 10 fantastic ideas, ignoring the most obvious “meeting for a drink or dinner”. None are very expensive but all are likely to get your date relaxed and they will reveal more about themselves.

1. If you both enjoy art, visit an art museum or attend an art gallery opening. These provide an opportunity for conversation, and art galleries may offer wine and snacks. Even if you don’t love art, this can be a fun date, with the event mostly serving as a backdrop for conversation.

2. Go for coffee or ice cream. This is a good date when you don’t know someone very well. It’s not expensive, it’s public, and it can be short if you don’t click. You might want a second activity planned in case you do like each other and want to extend the date.

3. Watch the stars. Pick a nice evening, sit out on a blanket in the yard, and watch the stars. An afternoon alternative is to watch the clouds. Throw in a picnic and you have a complete date. Just make sure to watch the forecast carefully and have a backup plan in case of a last-minute weather change.

Share an activity

Share an activity

4. Play board games. You can learn a lot about a person from playing a game together. Do they cheat? Pout or get angry if they lose? Enjoy a fun, healthy competition? Just avoid skill-based games if one person had a distinct advantage, such as if one person plays chess and the other doesn’t.

5. Be creative. Whether you’re making pottery, a scrapbook, a collage, or even colouring with crayons, this can be a fun way to start a relationship. Just don’t pick anything too messy unless you’re prepared with a change of clothes.

6. Be active. If you share a common interest, you can go for a jog, go hiking or bicycling, or head to the gym. It’s good for your body, and the endorphins generated will give you a positive feeling about each other. The downside is that you may not look or smell your best after getting all sweaty.

7. Feed the birds. Buy a bag of bread, find a park bench near ducks or pigeons, and you’ll be set. It can make you feel like a kid again, which is a great experience for a date. Just try to avoid geese, which can be more aggressive.

8. Go to a garden. Whether it’s a public rose garden or a private garden that offer tours, this is a beautiful place to take a stroll and have a nice conversation. Just make sure that neither of you suffer from allergies, which could put a damper on the outing.

9. cook dinner together. Choose a romantic menu, cook together, then enjoy a candlelight dinner. Cooking together lets you talk while you’re preparing the food. Just don’t choose on overly complicated dish unless you are a very skilled cook. You also don’t want your attention to be too focused on the recipe, so something easy like a grilled steak or a simple pasta dish might be a good choice. Also, this is only for a first date option if you already know the person. Don’t invite a stranger to your home or go alone to a stranger’s house.

10. Go nature hunting. Search for seashells on the beach, hunt for wildflowers in the countryside, or just take pictures of your findings. You can enjoy the beauty of nature and a quiet place to talk. Make sure to pack necessary equipment such as water and appropriate shoes.

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Muslim Dating UK

Wednesday, November 11th, 2009

Meeting a British Muslim Partner

The Muslim culture is rife with longstanding and ancient traditions including Muslim Dating etiquette. Meeting a potential mate and marrying them is no exception! For centuries, Muslim singles  were introduced mainly through family connections. Arranged marriages where the bride and groom did not even meet each other until the day of the marriage ceremony, were quite common.

Muslim Dating in the UK

These days, in a Western country like the United Kingdom, times have changed for young Muslim people, but the ancient ideals remain a constant obstacle. How is one to meet and spend time with a special person they might potentially spend the rest of their lives with if their parents disapprove and even the word “dating” is frowned upon?

Muslim Singles in the UK have more options now than ever before, but must still be careful to tread lightly so as not to confuse or upset their older family members. The main fear of these older and more conservative Muslims is that “dating” will not lead to wholesome time spent for their young family member with their future husband or wife, but rather to casual sex and the more disposable relationships that have become more common in the Western hemisphere for young adults. Since extramarital sex is completely off limits for the Muslim faith, Muslims are faced with a quandary if they want to spend some time with someone before taking their marriage vows. Here are some ways to meet a British Muslim partner.

Muslim Symbolism

Muslim Symbolism

Organised Muslim Dating Events organise events for Muslim singles to meet each other through networking and speed dating. The events are aimed at those of South Asian descent, eg Pakistan, India, Bangladesh. These events are currently arranged in London and typically attract 30 to 40 professionals. The events are quite informal, and relaxed and yet there is a high standard of etiquette ensuring guests are respected throughout. They present an excellent way to meet a number of people quickly in a convenient and appropriate setting such as a cafe or restaurant where alcohol is typically not served.

Chaperoned Dating

Another way for Muslims to meet and interact with each other is through chaperoned dating. This allows a couple to spend time together in an approved forum without the temptation of attraction and privacy to make them compromise their values. The man and woman would be able to sit together in a semi-private area of the home or meet in a public place and talk and learn more about each other. Chaperones (preferably not their parents) would be nearby to dissuade them from getting intimate.

Congregational Outreach
More and more Muslim communities are starting to understand the importance of young Muslims getting to know each other before signing on to a lifelong commitment of marriage. Therefore, even churches are getting on board with planning events that have a strong religious connection while also allowing Muslims to interact and mingle with each other. Socials, Koran studies, and community service projects gather young Muslims together in a fun and wholesome environment to reach a common goal, which helps build teamwork for potential mates as well. Although most Muslim women have never even seen the inside of a mosque, that practice is changing slowly but surely and events are being held at the mosque more and more often.

It’s not easy to keep sacred strong religious values in such a modern and changing world. However, these ideas, coupled with the ever growing Muslim acceptance, will hopefully aid young Muslims in finding Mr. and Mrs. Right.

Sikh Dating

Wednesday, November 11th, 2009

Sikhs are diligent in their spirituality and loyalty to God. The compassion Sikhs demonstrate in their worship is directly related to their love lives. Sikh teens are becoming more and more frivolous in terms of dating and romance, but still adhere to the most respected rules of Sikhism if they choose to remain active in their faith. Romantic relationships are not prohibited in the faith of the Sikh, though the meaning of such a relationship is far different from that of many Western religions.

Sikh Dating Events

Dating events in the UK are organised by Events are held in London and Birmingham and may be combined with Hindu events for convenience and to ensure greater numbers.  Sikhs are sometimes open to meeting single Hindus. Events will always include opportunities to meet other Sikh professionals, through ice breaking activities, hosting and Sikh speed dating.

Sikh Dating Relationships

Sikh Khanda

Sikh Khanda

Sikhs must maintain a devotion to God that prohibits romance above spirituality. Many couples who date become so completely engrossed in one another that they do not give proper attention to spirituality and worship. The Sikh dating relationship must be one that does not take away from the compassion they hold for their God. Romances are often undertaken in a Sikh culture to create a partnership working to promote spirituality and faith. While younger Sikhs may engage in flirtatious relationships that often lead to commitments for a period of time, no life bond is entered into without serious considerations of its impact on spirituality.

Sikh dating in the United Kingdom has evolved to compensate for all levels of spirituality and a Sikh’s desires in a partner. Websites and dating services bringing Sikhs together have options to accommodate those that are uncomfortable meeting in person on short notice, as well as participants who are eager to jump right in. Gatherings for UK Sikh singles have become extremely popular. This enables Sikh professionals to meet and engage with someone they’ve meet through a convenient and organised channel.

One large aspect of Sikhism that affects dating relations Sikhs is the belief that a Master Plan will be taking place. There is nothing to be gained by exerting all of one’s energy into a dating relationship when the gurus have stated the partner will be established in a larger Master Plan. As the Sikh youth has been raised with this set of beliefs, Sikh youth in the United Kingdom will be focused on dating only other Sikhs or those who will eventually choose the path to Sikhism. Dating someone outside this school of spirituality will only detract from the overall benefit of the belief-system itself.

Sikhs may dabble in dating singles from other religions or sects, but will not marry too far outside their beliefs. It is not uncommon for Sikhs to hide relationships from their parents as youths, since the concept is considered a detraction from their whole as a spiritual being. Males who are revealed to their parents as active in the dating scene face a far less criticism than their female counterparts. Whereas a male may simply be teased or joked with by his parents, a female who is exposed as actively dating will more often be looked down upon as a disappointment and weak of faith. This stigma is largely why Sikh youth in the UK will seek each other out in organized activities. Meeting people of the opposite sex in an environment that promotes civilized courtship is not likely to be frowned upon by elders and parents.

Though Sikhs will, when responsibly courting other Sikhs, put their religion before any feelings of love that may surface, it is not unlikely that a Sikh will enjoy a loveless marriage. Often, two people who have established the same life goals on a plane as relevant as spirituality will be able to bask in each other’s admiration for the beliefs they share.

Hindu Dating Trends in the UK

Wednesday, November 11th, 2009

Historically, Hindu singles met in Hindu society through introductions from their parents or other family members. In most cases, by the time the couple met up, there were already matrimonial negotiations going on between the parents!

Hindu singles who have grown up in the UK, take a more modern approach, and may reject the old ways. They may find the old methods of introductions  embarrassing or too restrictive. Having been exposed to the ways their friends date, many Hindus want to meet different people and “fall in love” the British way. However, at the same time, they may still be interested in meeting people from their own culture.  This can prove challenging as it would be for any minority group in the population.

The Hindu Symbol Aum

The Hindu Symbol Aum

This fact has been the main factor in the rapid growth in popularity of online dating services and organised dating events catering to Hindu Asians and other Asian groups in the UK .

Dating events and online dating allows Hindus to meet other like minded single people who share the same faith.

Hindu Social Events

Big events are a popular way for Hindus to meet. These events are run by and are held in UK Cities such as London and  Birmingham. London events are usually large parties of 100 to 200 people, whereas due to the smaller population, Birmingham events may typically be 50 to 60 people. Guests come for the express purpose of meeting others for dating purposes, although another key objective may be to have a good night out and  make new friends.  These events are arranged on the internet website where guests can book tickets and communicate with other attendees. They generally are organized according to religion, i.e. there might be a “Hindu + Sikh” event, and also age, i.e., for ages 22 to 36.

The event may start with a mixer and social drinking, and then get down to business with speed dating. Other events may have games, or there may be dancing or a formal ball.

Hindu Speed Dating

One of the big trends these days, is Hindu speed dating.  Up to 40 singles or more may meet for a speed dating event in which one takes part in a number of mini-dates of short duration. Usually each date will last between two to six minutes. These short encounters all taking place in the same day allow guests to briefly get to know the other person and see if any sparks fly. No one is committed to any other person on the date, but those who hit if off can pursue things further.

Speed dating provides a fun, and safe way of meeting lots of new people quickly. In this case, everyone will share the same Hindu religion. The group setting helps people overcome shyness that can ruin a normal blind date. Also some screening can take place before hand to make sure everyone is of a similar age and professional or economic status. Many people find this is far superior to approaching someone cold in a dance club or bar. Sometimes events may include an element of speed dating.

Organised dating events from cater specifically to single Asian professionals.

Hindu Online Dating

Online dating websites allow users to search for people who match their requirements in terms of interests, job type, income, education, height etc. Users can set these criteria to be very specific or broad. What makes online dating so popular is that users can browse the website and contact other people in their own spare and from the safety, convenience and security of their own homes, or office. By browsing through the profiles of other members on these sites, you get a lot of choices of pictures and personal information from the profiles. Once you have created a short list of candidates, then you can decide on you would like to meet on a more personal basis.

At first, this might consist of only online chat or a brief exchange of emails. The next step is usually to have a brief chat on the phone. If all feels right a date can be set up and who knows where it might go from there!

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