Are you dating a serial dater?

Dating can give you a real buzz

but for some it’s an addiction!

A serial dater is a person who loves dating so much that they keep going on dates with different people rather than commit to one.  If you are serious about meeting someone then it’s very important that you don’t end up wasting your time on them.

Here are three top ways that you can tell whether or not someone might be a serial dater.

1) You can’t seem to pin them down.   If you date is always too busy to see you or keeps cancelling, then think hard about what’s really going on. They might tell you that work has got in the way or “personal matters” have come up, but the truth is that they would make time if they were really interested in you.

2) They only get in touch every now and again.  Perhaps you don’t hear from them for weeks, then out of the blue you get a “how are you?” text.   This is just the sign of a bored time waster. They’ve run out of other dating options so they thought they’d try and see if you were still keen.  Even if you reply or meet they will disappear again once they get a better offer.  So don’t reply and instead delete their number and find someone more deserving.

3)  They forget what you’ve talked about.  The trouble with dating lots of people at the same time is that it’s easy to forget things.  So you might notice they get things like dates, names and places confused or think they’ve told you something they haven’t.

Remember that it’s perfectly acceptable to be a serial dater when it comes to having lots of first dates.  However, when things start to get serious then you both need to stop seeing anyone else or it will never work out.


Good luck!

James Preece – the Dating Guru

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