Dating Guru’s Mailbag: Where does he go?

Here’s another dating problem

answered by our dating expert

“Dear James,

Please can you help?  I’ve been dating a lovely guy for the last two years.   He’s fun, intelligent, charming and things are generally pretty good between us.  However, sometimes he goes away on work business and a I don’ t hear from him during that time.  He says it’s because he’s so busy and tired from the travelling.  This can upset me but I don’t want to cause problems so I try not make a big deal out of it.  What can I do?   G ”


Hi G,

Thank you for your email.    To be honest he sounds like he’s not that bothered about whether he speaks to you or not.  He can’t be so intelligent and charming if he’s making you feel bad.   How hard would it be to send you a quick text, email or make a five minute phone call to catch up with you?   My guess is that he’s either up to something or he’s just thoughtless.  Either way, you should confront him over it.  Tell him ( with a smile) that you understand he’s busy, but  you are looking for a partner who doesn’t vanish for days on end. If he doesn’t change, then send him packing and find someone who will make time for you.

Good luck!

James Preece

The Dating Guru

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