Five ways to guarantee a Second Date

First dates are fun, exciting, and usually pretty awesome.  However, sometimes they are can scary or boring and something you never want to want to repeat.

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So our goal is to make sure you always have an amazing first date.  That’s the easy part.  We then need to make sure that you get the second date!

Here are five ways to guarantee that second date:

1) The first way to guarantee a second date is ask for one.  This seems like the most obvious thing, but many first dates end with no set plan on if you will meet again, and then both parties are waiting for the other to call, text, message and nothing will ever happen. So find out if they’d like to meet again at the end of your first meeting.

2) Play it cool.  Don’t overdo it with the compliments or phrases that share what a great time you are having on the date.  Saying “I’m having a great time”  once is a good thing, it lets the other person know you are having a good time, but you don’t want to overkill it.

3) Remember to ask questions and listen to the answer.  When you and the date are conversing it shows that you have an interest in your date will make them feel involved.

 4) Keep the topics of conversation light.  You don’t want to talk about your medical issues, death or other heavy topics because you want to have fun and learn about the other.  The big stuff can wait until the fifth date or sometime afterwards once you know each a lot better. Leave them wanting to know more about you

5) Plan exciting dates.  Having coffee or cocktail dates is all very well, but if you are doing a lot of dating it can get tiring fast.  So think about how you can spice things up a bit and stand out from your competition.  If you date is the most exciting they’ve had in ages, they will naturally want to repeat it.  This is true whether you are male or female as you could be taking it in turns to plan your dates.

These are five simple ways to guarantee a second date with someone that you had a splendid first date with.  Attraction is a tricky thing, so just be honest with the date and have fun being yourself.

Happy dating!

James Preece – The Dating Guru

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