How to motivate yourself


Pick up a newspaper read the front page and be utterly depressed. The same can be said for watching the news. These are challenging and quite harsh times.
So how can we pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off and get a spring in our step?


The following should help.


1)     Be thankful for what you have

It’s very easy to moan about the day to day chores that we have to do, people who get us down, rude people in London but what about sparing a thought for all the wonderful things we have in our lives. So thank you for wonderful friends, family, girlfriend, boyfriend, food, house, job, health service, peace etc. Each and every morning write a list for everything  you are grateful for. It can be a short list of 10 things taking under 5 minutes or even a page long. It doesn’t matter – the important thing is to actually feel gratitude for what you have. It also makes you realise how lucky you actually are!


2)     Exercise and more exercise

One of the best ways to be motivated and put yourself into a positive frame of mind is to exercise at least for at least 30 minutes per day. This releases endorphins, clears the mind and makes you re focus. You can even brain storm whilst on the stepper or running machine. If you are feeling tired or lethargic this is again one of the best ways to change that state of mind.

It is even better if you can go for a run outside, enjoying the peace and tranquillity, the beautiful park, you will feel recharged and wonderful after.


3)     Start small

Been putting off that task because you’re spending too long procrastinating? Has it reached that point where it really needs to be done, deadlines due? Just do it in small bits. Imagine that feeling when it is actually complete and you don’t need to worry about it any more. Reward yourself with a mini treat after. Avoid all distractions in the meantime. Divert the phone if need be, get off the internet (one of the worst distractions) and start the job, a little each day goes a long way.


4)     Think big

Whilst you may start small have a big vision and keep that in mind. Starting small means you are closer to the end result. This will in turn motivate you and help you reach your final goal.


5)     Act enthusiastically

Even if at this point you are not feeling the motivation, just pretend you are. Pretend you are feeling happy and have completed the job in hand. Once you act enthusiastically you will be enthusiastic, this will in turn motivate you.



6)     Get help or delegate some of the work

A problem shared is a problem halved. Life is so much more fun when you share. If you are having problems getting started talk over some of the issues with your colleagues, they may be able to share some of the burden. He / she may even get you motivated again so you once again find your mojo!


7)     Get some advice/ have a mentor

Talk to someone who knows about the job in hand. Ask for the benefit of their experience, get some ideas on how you can proceed. Their advice will be helpful and motivate you. 


8 )     Have a daily plan

Do a little bit more each day. There is no point to start motivated and not follow up on any action points tomorrow. Have a daily plan and tick off each point once completed. Write yourself a plan for the next day. Find your energy and enthusiasm grow each day.


9)     Have lots to look forward to.

Make arrangements to see friends so you always have things to look forward to. Pamper yourself too. Book yourself a massage, theatre tickets, football or rugby tickets. Do whatever makes you feel great.


10) Have visual goals

It is helpful to have visual goals. Whatever that is you are working towards, make it visual. It maybe something material like a car, or a vacation you have been looking forward to for the longest time. Take or cut out a picture of it and post it at a conspicuous place at work or at home where you can see it often. So that when you feel discouraged, this will remind you of your goal and will help you keep your focus.


Written by Alexandra Abrahams, Dating Expert

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