Kissing *before* a first date?

I got asked an interesting question today that I’m going to discuss here with you.

When you first meet someone, is it OK to kiss them on the cheek or should you just shake their hand?


My advice would be to keep in mind it’s a date – so a quick peck on the cheek is perfectly acceptable.

Start with a big smile and keep it to the one cheek. Needless to say, you should stay away from air kissing and going anywhere near the mouth.     Definitely avoid the double “continental” kiss.

Yes, they might back off but if you start with a handshake you are more likely to finish with one at the end of your date.  Be brave and take a small risk and it might just pay off.

After all, most people will appreciate it if you take the initiative.  Handshakes are for friends and business meetings.

I’d be interested to hear what you think is the best way to start a date?

James Preece – The Dating Guru

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