The 5 top women that men avoid

If you’ve been wondering why you aren’t doing well at the dating game, could it be that you are one of these 5 types of women that men avoid?


1) The Gold Digger

She’s just out for your money and you both know it. She needs a man to pay for everything and take her to nice places, just so it boosts her ego and makes her feel good. She never gives, but instead with her it’s just take take take me shopping.

Typical profiles include the words ” You’ll be paying”

2)  Little Miss Stalker

Watch out for the lady who needs constant reassurance that everything is ok.   She’ll get upset if you don’t call and text her at least 20 times a day.  If she doesn’t know exactly what you are up to every second of the day she will do her best to find out anyway.  She’ll turn up at your work and try and hack in to your email. Woe betide any other lady who even breathes near him.

If this is you, take a step back and give him space!  If you’ve got concerns that take some time to talk about it.

3) The flake

She’d love to meet up this week but something’s just come up. How about next week?  Oh so sorry, my cat’s ill, can we do it the one after that?

Men do find “ditsy” a little bit endearing but it can soon become very rude and annoying.

If you want to make him feel special you need to make time and don’t let him down.

4) The party girl

Sure, we can hang out, but can I invite some of my friends?

Even if you do get her on her own, she’ll want to get drunk as soon as possible.  You won’t  be able to tie her down to meet you as she’ll always be off at some party of another.

Fun for a while, but there’s no long term possibilities as you’ll soon get bored of each other.

5) The Princess

This lady is so caught up in her own little fantasy world that she finds  it hard to cope reality. She’s been so spoilt and brainwashed by her parents that she thinks that Mr Right is magically going to appear and whisk her away to a Disney castle.  When you do go out with her she’ll expect you to do everything and will only be disappointed that you don’t live up to her unrealistic expectations.

Don’t worry, ladies, I’ll be writing a new blog about the men YOU should avoid too!

James Preece – The Dating Guru

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