How does the British Indian dating scene work?

British Indian Dating: Find a long-term partner your way

Finding another Indian person to date can be difficult if you look to meet through normal situations. Choices are limited if you don’t look online at dedicated Indian matchmaking services. Even if you do attend a Gurdwara or a Temple the circle of other Asians you could meet there is potentially quite limited.

Using an Asian dating service such as Asian Single Solution is a great way to connect with other similar minded people, no matter what your age.

Asian Dating is fun but requires effort to succeed.

Do British Indians date non-Asians?

As we move though the 2020s, British Indian men and women are becoming more open to relationships with those who are not Asian, providing cultural norms and expectations do not create conflictions. That might mean family pressure which still encourages many British Indians to find a partner of a comparable heritage. Using a dating application or website bio and or the About Me section is a great way to set that expectation. You could use the profile to state that you have more traditional or liberal views on life. Many dating applications no longer allow clients to specify the ethnicity of a partner. As a specialist British Asian dating service, does encourage members to state their preferences.

Is Indian matchmaking easier online?

Arguably Indian dating is easier online because you have a bigger pool of people to look through and interact with, that does not mean it is for everyone though.

During the coronavirus pandemic, we saw a big spike in account sign-ups as the World closed down but the internet stayed open. This led people who wouldn’t necessarily sign up to an online dating site or app to give it a try.

A lot of those people have found is successful and therefore kept actively using the Asian Single Solution site, searching for their perfect match.

Dating online can be easier to make that first initial connection but you never truly know someone until you meet them in person. If you decide to take that step you should consider looking at our safety tips.

Our specific Asian matchmaking site uses a Golden Rules guide on how we expect our members to behave to ensure everyone’s safety online.

Controversy over ‘old fashioned’ depictions

Some British Asian men and women still like to go about things the ‘old fashioned’ way. That is appropriate providing both sides have that expectation going forward. Some older British Asian dating practices have been depicted as ‘bad’ and ‘outdated’, for example, arranged marriages, men controlling money and women staying home for work. 

These aren’t really things that happen in the modern, 21st-century world anymore. In order to meet British Asian women, men must act chivalrously as well as pursuing the art of active communication and listening.

It might be wise to talk about your expectations for each other and how you expect to be treated. If you want to meet British Indian women or men you need to reach out, set boundaries and go on dates.

British Asian Matchmaking: Where does it happen?

As we covered above, British Asian dating can be easier online however, there are some other places that you may find love and meet British Asian men or women. Before the pandemic, we used to run speed dating events across the UK for Hindu and Sikh people, we saw great success in those events. These have now started again. 

Other places British Asian men and women could find love are: Through family or friends, getting people to introduce you to single friends, at a bar, at a Temple or Gurdwara and even in a local supermarket if you’re brave enough to ask someone out in person.

For those not brave enough to ask someone out in person, it’s completely understandable, not everyone has that confidence and you should consider an online British Asian matchmaking solution like Asian Single Solution.

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