Message Style Changes


Dear all,

today we have made some changes to our messaging system.

You will see that all mail is now presented in a more user friendly chat style. This means that all desktop and mobile users can be online and receive chat messages.

You will also receive online notifications for new winks and messages in addition to emails. You can stop these if you select “appear offline” but we would not recommend that you do this.

The old function “turn off chat” is no longer valid. The equivalent function “appear offline” is new so we have set to on by default. You can switch off from your profile. This is a Premium feature.

If you experience any issues, or have any thoughts on these changes please let us know.

Please send all feedback to [email protected]

3 Responses to “Message Style Changes”

  1. Amandip Says:


    Will you be brining back the polite replies ? I found these very useful and its frustrating that this is no longer available

  2. james Says:

    Hi Amandip,

    Glad you found it useful, but it’s not something that works well with our new system. It’s definitely something we will look into though as it’s a good feature.



  3. james Says:

    Just to let you know – we are bringing this back very shortly!

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