The Date Finder App?

Mobile phones are becoming increasingly more powerful.

With power comes new ways to help you with dating.

The latest of these is a new app for the IPhone that helps you locate other singles in your area using the GPS tracker on your phone .  The idea is that you would have a dating profile (and photo), turn it on and then you could pinpoint any matches within walking distance. So rather than mess around with online dating, you would know who is single instantly and be able to go up and say hello there and then.

Do you think this is something that the Asian Single Solution should introduce?  Would you find it useful?

My own gut feeling is that this would rather take the fun and mystery out of dating.  After all, the fun is with the initial flirtation and the whole “getting to know each other” process before you meet.  That way you can get the build up, the butterflies and the anticipation – which help create the chemistry and attraction.  If you have to resort to an app then you’ll lose the mystery.  All you’ll be left with is random strangers trying to come and chat you up.  This might be good for some people, but if you don’t have the confidence to walk up and say hello in the first place then nothing is going to change that.  If you CAN talk to strangers, then you won’t need an app in the first place.

Here’ s a question I’d like your help with.  If you could have the PERFECT dating app on your phone, what features would you like it to have?  Would it be something to help you get more dates?  Or perhaps to improves the dates you already have?

Please post your thoughts and comments here please.

Happy dating!


James Preece – The Dating Guru

3 Responses to “The Date Finder App?”

  1. Naresh Says:

    I think that’d mainly be used by people looking for short flings rather than long term relationships. It’d certainly be handy to know which of the girls in the bar/club you’re currently at are single and looking!

    I don’t think many girls would be willing to use it though at the risk of being approached by total weirdos/stalkers.

  2. almond eyez Says:

    Hey I would hate for someone to come up to me in the street and thinks its so impersonal. i think if you made an app version of the site that would be a better idea for those on the go, or an app like tinder where you could swipe that would be better

  3. purev Says:

    As a girl, I would avoid creepy guys aproaching me and these apps like tinder with the slide left or right I find very time consuming and like homework. I’d rather have an app to show profile of those only registered on the site also where u can join a chat room or MSN messenger where small talk can help that initial click happen.

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