Dumped because of a mobile phone

Here’s an amazing story thats was so funny and strange we wanted to share it with you.

Apparently a man called Darren in Winnipeg, Canada, was dumped this week after his girlfriend found saucy texts on his phone. The messages were things like ” Booty Call,” “Where U at” and “be there soon.”   Not surprisingly, his girlfriend was furious to find them stored on his mobile.


But all wasn’t as it seemed.  It turned out that the messages were pre-installed generic texts that came with the phone.  He took it back to the shop to complain and demand an explanation.

‘At first, we didn’t believe him,’ said shop assistant Mike Ford, “but when we looked at a couple of the same phones he bought, and found they all had the same messages.’

Darren now wants the phones to be recalled and the messages removed, to stop others from having ‘to go through the hell I’m going through.’

So the lesson to be learnt here is that the first, most obvious conclusion isn’t always the right one!
James Preece –  The Dating Guru


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