The Dating Invoice

We were sent this hilarious email that was supposedly send by a disgruntled guy after a date which we thought you might find amusing. Apparently this sort of thing does really happen! If you have a funnier email we’d love to read it!

Dating Coach

Subject: Invoice 6/12/04

Date: Sat, 12 Jun 2009 17:15:59 EDT

Dear Dana:

On June 5, you agreed to accept dinner, paid for in full, by me, based on your stated offer that we would go out again. In that you have ignored all overtures to said follow up meeting, you are hereby considered in breach of contract.

To that end, you are being invoiced for 50% of the cost of the dinner, pursuant to the offer. For the record, the offer presented you with the option of not going out again and paying for half of the dinner, or going out again and not paying at all. You accepted these terms, choosing to go out again, as stated above, but have since failed to deliver your end of the agreement. In that this was merely a promise to meet, and not a promise to marry, the agreement is binding under New York law and does not require a written agreement (i.e. statute of frauds).

Furthermore, this is absolutely not a joke.

Your share is 50% of $74.51 which is a total of $37.25. Payment in full is expected within 30 days.

You may remit to:

Andrew Goldberg

720 Greenwich Street, #4d

NY NY 10012

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