Another Wedding plus July Success Stories

July Success Stories and Feedback

We were delighted to hear about yet another Asian Single Solution wedding.

This was between Rikki and Amrit who met through us last year.

They’ve sent us this very amusing video of their first wedding dance on Youtube if you’d like to search for it.


“Great and think your site is brilliant!” PS

“I met someone on your dating site, and am no longer single Feed back : GREAT SITE” DP

“Good website that clearly had thought about the user and what they would want to see.” AM

“I met someone on your dating site, and am no longer single. Feed back : Great service!” NT

“I think you guys are doing a great job” AJ

“It is one of the better sites I have used. Very user friendly.” RH

“Great! I went to a few of your events and finally met the man of my dreams! Thanks for your excellent service.” DL

“I enjoyed the site. thank you” CK

“My favourite evening and I’ve done about 7 with you. Yes – a resounding success. Well done. I thought the guy leading the team was excellent, only matched by the northern blonde girl who used to lead at Waterloo Brasserie.” MB

“Relaxed atmosphere and accesible staff and nice to have some refreshments.” SF

“Great site” VB

“Very good” RP

“Very good, clear service and website.” VK

“Whilst I was with you, the services were brilliant.” AM

“The site is a good way to meet and communicate.” AP

“Very good, the staff are extremally friendly at the events!” KB

“Very good events.” RB

“Your services were a great help. Thanks” SP

“Hey I met my wife on this site, my username was deleted just after we met. Two years we met, and we’ve been married 7 weeks now” SB

“Service is great fast and efficient as expected” RD

“Excellent service and regular updates.Thank you” SK

“The site is very well set up” MR

“The events have been wonderful especially the saturday night ones and i have met some very nice people from it” AS

“Never thought i’d meet anyone this way just signed up not expecting much and met someone straight away!”  NA

“The services are very well organised and good fun!” KS

“Appreciate all the help this site has given me…thanks” SP

“Very useful to engage with various types of people.” HK

“User friendly. Great Idea!” PM

“The events are great.”  ML






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