Great First Date Ideas

Based on an unrepresentative sample size of one, i.e. us, here are our top ideas for your first date.

There are 10 fantastic ideas, ignoring the most obvious “meeting for a drink or dinner”. None are very expensive but all are likely to get your date relaxed and they will reveal more about themselves.

1. If you both enjoy art, visit an art museum or attend an art gallery opening. These provide an opportunity for conversation, and art galleries may offer wine and snacks. Even if you don’t love art, this can be a fun date, with the event mostly serving as a backdrop for conversation.

2. Go for coffee or ice cream. This is a good date when you don’t know someone very well. It’s not expensive, it’s public, and it can be short if you don’t click. You might want a second activity planned in case you do like each other and want to extend the date.

3. Watch the stars. Pick a nice evening, sit out on a blanket in the yard, and watch the stars. An afternoon alternative is to watch the clouds. Throw in a picnic and you have a complete date. Just make sure to watch the forecast carefully and have a backup plan in case of a last-minute weather change.

Share an activity

Share an activity

4. Play board games. You can learn a lot about a person from playing a game together. Do they cheat? Pout or get angry if they lose? Enjoy a fun, healthy competition? Just avoid skill-based games if one person had a distinct advantage, such as if one person plays chess and the other doesn’t.

5. Be creative. Whether you’re making pottery, a scrapbook, a collage, or even colouring with crayons, this can be a fun way to start a relationship. Just don’t pick anything too messy unless you’re prepared with a change of clothes.

6. Be active. If you share a common interest, you can go for a jog, go hiking or bicycling, or head to the gym. It’s good for your body, and the endorphins generated will give you a positive feeling about each other. The downside is that you may not look or smell your best after getting all sweaty.

7. Feed the birds. Buy a bag of bread, find a park bench near ducks or pigeons, and you’ll be set. It can make you feel like a kid again, which is a great experience for a date. Just try to avoid geese, which can be more aggressive.

8. Go to a garden. Whether it’s a public rose garden or a private garden that offer tours, this is a beautiful place to take a stroll and have a nice conversation. Just make sure that neither of you suffer from allergies, which could put a damper on the outing.

9. cook dinner together. Choose a romantic menu, cook together, then enjoy a candlelight dinner. Cooking together lets you talk while you’re preparing the food. Just don’t choose on overly complicated dish unless you are a very skilled cook. You also don’t want your attention to be too focused on the recipe, so something easy like a grilled steak or a simple pasta dish might be a good choice. Also, this is only for a first date option if you already know the person. Don’t invite a stranger to your home or go alone to a stranger’s house.

10. Go nature hunting. Search for seashells on the beach, hunt for wildflowers in the countryside, or just take pictures of your findings. You can enjoy the beauty of nature and a quiet place to talk. Make sure to pack necessary equipment such as water and appropriate shoes.

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