Why our parties are special

We have run hundreds of singles events but it’s a very hard thing to do and it’s a unique skill.  However, sometimes people think it’s easy to run a singles events company.. Just get a venue, round up some guests, charge them to come and you’ll be rich in no time. But the reality is it’s just not that simple. We see new singles events companies come and go every single week. Their first party might work because they’ve got all their friends to attend but what happens for the next one?

Most of the large online dating sites have tried events at some point. Match.com used to run Matchlive events and even Dating Direct attempted to run their own events. However, even with their large singles databases they just couldn’t get them to work. In fact, Dating Direct once bought Chemistry who were known for their large mass market events.  But they soon stopped as they keep up the momentum. This is for the simple reason that it’s a very difficult thing to do and they aren’t all that profitable!


If you don’t get the right venues, ratios, staff and activities then you are just asking for trouble. Then you’ve got things like minimum spends and advertising to consider. That’s why we are so proud to be in our 8th year of operation. We’ve worked extremely hard to make sure that we get the formula right and that’s why they are so popular. We continue to reinvent ourselves and try new things out.  In 2009 we’ve had new events such as Casino parties, Wine Tastings, Theatre and Comedy Trips, Manhunts and 2010 will see even more exciting new developments. They aren’t always perfect but that’s the nature of dating. We can control everything except the people who attend.

That’s where we need your help. It’s only by you telling your friends about us that we can continue to grow and get even better. So please, spread the word and we promise to try even harder!

James Preece

Dating Expert for AsiansingleSolution.com

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