Sixty Second Asian Dating Tip

Your time is short and you want to spend it on dating rather than reading.


So to help, here is today’s 60 Second Dating Tip.  We are bringing this to you in association with our resident Dating Coach, James.

Question:   Is it better to have lots of photos on your online dating profile or just one?

Answer:  You should aim to have 3 of 4 photos maximum.

Full Answer:   Your dating profile isn’t Facebook so you don’t need to have a huge amount of images on it. In fact, if you have too many then this can actually work against you. That’s because some people look for way to rule you out or eliminate you. Perhaps one of your photos make you look a bit bigger than others or has you looking a bit glum.  So you’ll get rejected based on that one, ignoring the fact you have other fantastic shots in your album.  Some people are just like that unfortunately and it’s their issue rather than yours. Keep it to three or four and they’ll have less to judge you on.

Your main photo needs to be a clear headshot which means just your head an shoulders, nothing more. Make sure you look happy and positive – someone worth meeting.  You can then add a full body shot and one of you doing something active.  Perhaps cycling, strolling through a park or going about your daily job.  If it looks interesting then it’s worth including.

The golden rule is that too many photos is still much better than having none at all though!


Happy dating!
James Preece

The Dating Guru

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