Chat Attack

Join us on Wednesday at 9pm for our next Chat-Attack

On a typical night we have 2000 users logging on but at different times. Hence there might only be 300 at one time, either using chat or ready to use chat.

Chat Online at

Meet up to 500 people online Wednesday 9pm

Sometimes it can be hard to find the people you want online. So, we thought that if we set a time for everyone to go online, then it would be like creating an amazing party. Well, almost! You can chat to up to two people at a time.

So, make sure you are logged in at 9pm Wednesdays.

If you are  a Premium Plus member you can request to chat with anyone. If you are a Premium member you can initiate a chat with other Premium or PremiumPlus members.

If you are basic user CLICK HERE to upgrade now. Or you can sit in the corner and hope someone finds you.

Why is it called Chat-Attack? Well mainly because it rhymes! Think of it as an ‘Attack’ on our servers. We’ve just put in masses of new memory and processing power, so we want to test it to the limit. ;-)

What is chat for? – Its important to realise that chat is really for fun online flirty entertainment purposes only. The chances that the love of your life will be online at the same time as you are generally slim. So don’t expect that! If it happens great, let us know.

See you online on Wednesday.


Paul Ergatoudis


N.B. Chat is still a bonus feature under test, so please don’t shout at us if it breaks!

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