Don’t give up!

Have you had enough of dating?

Are you worried you might never meet someone?

Dating can sometimes be difficult and it even become frustrating if you aren’t getting want you want out of it.

My message to you is this:  Don’t throw in the towel yet!

Sometimes it might take 20  or 30 dates before you meet Mr or Miss Right,  or it might be very next person you go out with.   But what if they were number  31 and you gave up at 30?  You’d never know how close you might have come to meeting your dream partner.

Here’a an interesting comparison that I’ve been thinking about recently. Thomas Edison tried a 1000 ways to get a light bulb to work and all of them failed. Some didn’t work. Some just flashed and dies and some only lasted a few minutes. He made notes on every case. Eventually, he got one to work long enough that it would make sense to make it for sale to the public..

He didn’t see this as a thousand failures, but as a way of getting closer to the result he wanted.  His famous quote is:

“We now know a thousand ways not to build a light bulb.”

There’s a definite lesson to be learned here – for every date that doesn’t work out you are one step closer to the one that will!

Once you are in the right frame of mind for dating and take steps to get what you want then it WILL happen.

Just think what would have happened if Edison hadn’t invented the light bulb.  We’d be sitting here in the dark.

So don’t give up just yet. Put some effort into putting an effective plan together, attend some dating events and take full advantage of our online dating site.  The love of your life might just be a click away.

Good luck,


James Preece – The Dating Guru

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