Sounds good?

Your voice is one of your most important dating tools

But are you using it to your advantage?

Our voices are something we all take for granted and therefore we don’t give them much thought.  But you really need to be aware of how you sound.

I’ve known people to get lots of interest via online dating but then completely blow it when they start speaking on the telephone.

1)  Record your voice and play it back.  Most mobile phones will have a facility to do this. Many people are surprised as to what they sound like as we hear things differently to the way other people do. This is all because of the way sound echoes and resonates in your head.

2) Pay attention to the way you sound.  Are you speaking too softly, loudly, fast or mumbling?  The slower and clearer you speak then the better you’ll come across.  Succesful people always leave people hanging on their next word.

3) Copy someone you know.  This can be a film star, politician or a tv personality.  Find someone that you know members of the opposite sex find attractive.  For example, Sean Connery and Mariella Frostrup are two very popular voices.  When you’ve worked out who you want to sound out then listen to them as much as you can.  Take what you like and discard the rest.

4) Perfect it!     Pick up a newspaper or a book and practice reading it out loud.   Try to do it slowly and make it interesting. Imagine you are reading to someone you are attracted to. Paint pictures with your words and you’ll soon be able to do this naturally.

5) Use it.   Once you’ve mastered the technique then use it as much as you.  This can be on the phone to sales people, in supermarkets or anytime you want to stand out.


Good luck!

James Preece – The Dating Guru

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