Bring a First Timer for 40% off !

We’re trying something a bit special for our upcoming Asian Spring Party


Asian Singles

Asian Singles


Our next big party takes place on Saturday 25th April at the Abbey.  We want to attract lots of new faces and make sure we have a big, busy crowd at the event.

So if you’ve never been before ( or have friends who are keen ) we have a great offer that we know you’ll be interested in. If you use the code below you’ll get a whopping 40% off your tickets….which is in addition to the 50% Premium discount!

Of course, everyone else is welcome to book at the normal prices so they can come and meet /welcome all these new people!


Terms and Conditions

  1. If you bring a first timer to this event you can get 40% off your total booking
  2. You must use the code below at the time of booking
  3. You must arrive at the venue together
  4. All attendee emails must be verified by clicking on the activation email sent from the website before attending.
  5. If you do not meet the above conditions 1-4 then you authorise us to charge the discount taken to your card or we may refuse entry
  6. Use code FIRSTTIMER for 40% off this event


We’d love to see you there!


James, Paul and Meera

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