Peter Andre and Katie Price

The latest Celebrity Dating talk this week has all been about Peter Andre and Katie Price aka Jordan.

They split this week after over three years of marriage, allegedly due to Katie’s partying. Only time will tell if this is for real or just a publicity stunt but the latest news is that Pete has a surprise waiting for him when he returns from Cyprus.

While he’s been away clearing his head , Katie has apparently ordered her staff to put his clothes, gym equipment, jewelry and photographs into storage.

“Katie’s still very hurt after Pete dumped her and wants to get him back. She phoned up and was screaming down the phone at staff to get rid of all his stuff” said a friend, “Peter is in for a bit of a shock. Everything he owns has been taken from the home and put into storage.”

We can’t help but wonder who will get custody of the ITV2 Camera Crew if they really do divorce. Did they get put into storage too?

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